Further dispatches from week 2

Last night we played Mission Impossible!!! The tribe of Benjamin (younger boys) led valiantly by Verde triumphed in this game of sneaking, scavenger hunting, and clue solving. MI is an all around favorite and we’re gearing up to play Capture the Degel today.

In tabernacle we’ve been moving through Joshua and we’re looking at chapters 10 and 11 today.

Today is our last normal day in the schedule. Most of the kids have finished their drums-they look great and I do apologize for the racket that this particular craft brings!

This morning is gloriously cool and clear after some intermittent rain yesterday. We’re having a great session of Junior Camp and can’t believe it is almost time to return your campers to you!


Woah, and just like that we’re in week 2

The first week of camp flew by! The first few days were super hot, then the weather changed and right in a row we had field trip day (baseball game with fireworks), Shabbat, Yom Sussim (horse day/Israeli day), laundry day (super chill day with long stretches of swim time, FOB, tribe time, and all camp activities), and now we get new activities today!

As I sit in Tabernacle singing with the worship team, made up of campers and staff and reflect on the week we’ve been through it is amazing how much we’ve seen the campers grow and how much we’ve seen the tribes come together. Tonight is sleep out night and I can’t wait to see what week 2 has in store for us!

Favorites from week 1:

Breakfast:waffles with whipped cream, strawberries, and chocolate shavings

Lunch: tacos

Dinner: Pizza and wings; any of the cooked vegetables

Dessert: Shabbat brownie sundaes

Field Trip!!!

Tonight we left camp and had a field trip to a minor league baseball game with fireworks afterwards. The home team won, which I’m not sure we’ve ever seen before! It’s still warm, but the worst of the heat seems to be behind us and the campers are all doing well and being super responsible with keeping their water bottles refilled.

Tomorrow is the last day of first week activities-this week the campers have been in Hebrew, craft, hiking, field sports, mad science, basketball, and archery. The campers all finished lacing their leather drum crafts yesterday and practiced painting on paper today while we wait for their drums to finish drying.

Today in tabernacle we looked at Joshua 2 and the second set of spies being sent into the promised land assisted by Rahab and we talked about her faith.

The memory verse this year is Psalm 46 and the campers are all moving through it at a shocking pace. Tomorrow is Shabbat and I can’t believe we’re already to the weekend-after such a sweaty week laundry day is going to be a real gift!

Keep checking Facebook and Instagram for photo updates and we’ll try to get a longer update up over the weekend.



First 30 hours or so of camp

The first full day of camp is always eventful as campers and staff get to know one another and begin to settle in. This year was even more extreme because we’ve been in the middle of an obscene heat wave-97 degrees yesterday, and mid 90s with a breeze today! The campers have been diligently filling their water bottles and we’ve been pacing our time outdoors. This evening we played water games and as I type this…it’s raining! I’m so thankful for the cool breeze blowing through the cabins as the campers sleep and am looking forward to a slight chill in the morning air!

Last night the campers made tribe flags and we had our first campfire. Today the campers chose activities, started on their drum craft, and took their swim test. The Gilgal store is stocked with flashlights, stamps, water bottles, and extra toiletries and we had many campers avail themselves of the necessities tonight. Tomorrow is a pretty normal day in camp and we’ll end it with a campfire. The campers got their memory verses today (Psalm 46) and we invite you to be learning it with us-what a reminder that God is our refuge and strength!

Lilah Tov Camp Gilgal Family!


Staff training starts in TWO days!

Hey Camp Gilgal!

So… RedSox and I leave for camp tomorrow and the rest of the staff come on Wednesday to begin staff training. The time has seriously flown by… it’s a little ridiculous how fast everything has happened! I can’t believe my time in New York City is coming to an end :(

We are busily preparing ourselves and getting ready to leave.. so today’s post won’t be a long one. I will have more to update you on once we arrive at camp, but for now I just wanted to check in and say that we are praying for you, we love you, and we are so excited to see you! Camp Gilgal 2018 is only going to happen once… and we are so excited that you’re going to be part of it!

See you soon!

With Love,



Joshua 24

Camp Gilgal! In just two weeks, all of the staff will be at camp getting ready for the junior campers to come! That’s crazy! My time in New York City has flown by and I’ve absolutely loved being here and getting ready for camp. But, I’m very excited to see you all, we have some super fun things planned for this summer :)

This morning, Sox, Beardo and I finished reading through the book of Joshua (which we will be studying during Junior camp tabernacle). Joshua is a cool book, and especially in the last chapter, we get to see the Israelites being faithful to God.

In Joshua 24, Joshua’s time of leadership is coming to a close. He assembles all the people and walks them through a brief history of everything that has happened since the time of Abraham. Really what he’s doing is proving how faithful God has been to the people of Israel. All of their victories were only because of His provision and goodness. Joshua then invites the people to serve the Lord wholeheartedly. The people choose to follow the way of life — the way of the Lord: “We too will serve the Lord, because he is our God” (24:18). Of course, we know this doesn’t last for long because the book of Judges is a hot mess. But, God is continually faithful to His people and invites them to Himself. Here, they acknowledge God as their God, throw away the foreign gods, and choose to follow the way of life. It’s a pretty uplifting and remarkable way to end this book. Joshua is then buried and verse 31 says: “Israel served the Lord throughout the lifetime of Joshua and of the elders who outlived him and who had experienced everything the Lord had done for Israel.” The people choose to serve God and follow Him. They acknowledge Him as the provider of everything they have and the one who gains the victory over their enemies.

God is a good Father. He punishes the people for their sin, but is also for them and invites the people to Himself. Ultimately, He did this through Yeshua. When we mess up (and the Israelites messed up a TON), God still loves us and chooses us. How cool is that!

I’ll see you guys so soon! Praying for you!



Adventure Camp Scouting Trip!

Hey Camp Gilgal!

On Wednesday and Thursday last week, Sox, Sitruce and I went on the adventure camp scouting trip. Guys. This trip is bonkers. And by bonkers I mean ridiculously beautiful and crazy fun.

On Wednesday we checked out some different campsites to stay in. We found a really beautiful one with big sites for our tents and food, a pool, fields, some nice hikes, a lake, and a really quirky mini golf park. I think it’s gonna be a great home base after long, fun days.

This year, the focus of our trip is rock climbing, but we didn’t actually go to scout that out since we’ve done it in past years. Nonetheless, it will be awesome.

Okay, now onto my favourite part – the hikes! The hikes we scouted out are gorgeous, challenging (in a good way!) and so much fun. At certain points I was galloping through all of the nature because I was so joyful and having such a good time. Here is a picture of me passing out from the beauty (don’t worry I’m okay, it was all in good fun):


This was our first hike, which was around a lake with some stellar views. At one point, I said “hey, what’s that noise?” and Sitruce said “… I think it’s just quiet.” It was so peaceful, and so great to escape the constant noise of the city for a little while.

Our second hike definitely took the cake. It was called the “Ice Caves”… dun dun dun. The name says it all, we got to hike through caves that were still icy from the winter! They probably won’t be icy once adventure camp rolls around, but the air inside the caves was so fresh and crisp. It was a crazy hike and definitely a good workout. The caves were just so cool I couldn’t believe it (if you can’t tell I’m a huge fan of trees and nature and this trip was just the best time ever). I also found an inukshuk on this hike which made my Canadian heart happy.

So there you go, a little taste of what’s to come this year at Adventure Camp. I don’t want to give you too many details and spoil the fun of the unknown ;)

I’m so stoked for Adventure Camp 2018 and I hope you are too!

Enjoy the rest of these photos & get pumped! If you want to see more photos, follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook.