Letter from Hiccup!

Hey Camp Gilgal!

I am back and ecstatic for Camp Gilgal this summer! I just moved to New York City last week as I will be interning with Jews for Jesus for the next next nine months. I just graduated from Southeastern University in Florida last month, so I am very excited and blessed that my first job out of college is with Jews for Jesus and especially happy it is back with camp. I did the camp internship two years ago and have been staff at camp since 2014.

This year I am excited to not only be back at camp, but I get to serve at camp in new ways. This summer we are at a new teen camp location, so I will be able to help make camp a new and exciting experience while keeping our favorite camp traditions. I am very excited to be a part of this historic year as this is the first time teen camp has ever been at a new location. (Register your teen campers, ages 13-15, so they can be a part of this amazing summer!)

Our adventure camp is also going to be an epic experience because this is the first time we have done this type of trip in over ten years! Beardo and I will be scouting the trip next month and I am thrilled to help run the program! I know everyone is going to have an amazing time as we are going to have incredible activities such as surfing, sea kayaking, beach biking, sailing, hiking, and lots of making and eating food around the fire.

And of course, before all of that we will have the no stop fun filled Junior Camp!!! I am so excited for another great year of mission impossible, a camp out night, the field trip (I cannot wait to see what Shark-bait has planned), variety show, theme meals, swimming at the pool, and so many more activities.

Registration is open, so go to campgilgal.com to get your family registered for an unforgettable summer at Camp Gilgal that you do not want to miss out on! Hope to see you there!



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