Gilgal Gazette Monday

Car Ride

Zeven Z., Age 14

Tribe of Levi

A 16 hour car ride is how long it takes from Midwest to East Coast. You would think that it would be long and miserable, right? Wrong! To me, it’s actually one of the most enjoyable things at camp. In the car ride you really get to connect on a more intimate level. You get to stop on the way for snacks and breaks and whatever you need. People you ride in the car become your best friends, not just at camp but for life as well.


Lydia C., Age: 15

Tribe of Judah

Paintballing is super fun this year. I had a blast! Last year, I was scared out of my mind the whole time. I just sat behind a wall and prayed that I wouldn’t be shot. But this year, I got so into it. I felt like a sniper while I was sliding behind platforms and hiding behind trees and shooting anything I saw.

I also got really dirty and gross but I didn’t care at all because it was the funnest thing ever. I’m sad that I won’t be able to do it next year because this is my last year of Teen Camp.

My friend Kaylie accidentally shot me though. We were on the same team and I ran up in front of her without telling her while she was still shooting and she shot me in the leg from like 2 feet away. It hurt at first, but not for long.

We were playing this one game called, “Blackhawk Down” and we had to shoot one person on the other team, which was Swank. Swank’s marines were protecting him. After we shot all the marines, they told Swank that he had to run for it and once he got up to run, we all started shooting at him and he fell in the river and got all wet and muddy. It was hilarious.

This year, after paintballing, I learned to be fearless because there was really nothing to be afraid of. I hope that I will take that lesson with me and use it in the future.

Gilgal Gazette Monday

Levi Tribe Bio

Levi is a tribe that lives to encourage each other. We really love the memory verses and our flag, even though we sometimes forget it in the dining hall. Sydney loves the food at camp, and she learned Gaga ball this year. Penina’s favorite part of camp is swimming in the pool on hot days. Kaelee plays softball at home, and she really likes the wish-bang-zip game. Naomi really loves sports, especially running and doing flips. Rachel loves to sing and especially loves tabernacle. Hannah dances ballet at home, and her favorite part of camp is tribe time. Levi’s tribe leaders are Watson and Cookie, who love F.O.B. and talk to each other in ASL (American Sign Language) when trying to confuse the campers about the schedule. Even though the ladies of Levi are very different, we all get along great.

Pool Time

Penina S., age 11

Tribe of Levi

For pool time, you get an option of swimming or playing games, such as table tennis or air hockey in the game room. Pool time is about an hour. Pool time is valuable to me because on the days we are allowed to go into the pool, the weather is hot. On days like that the pool water is very refreshing. The pool goes 7 feet deep at the deepest point in the pool. Pool time is awesome!

Gilgal Gazette Monday

Movie Night

Ephraim L., age 9

Tribe of Judah

Movie Night is when we bring our sleeping bags into the mishkan and then we watch the movie. During the movie they will pause the movie and we will get snacks. The movie we watched this year is “How to Train your Dragon.” Now I want to watch number two. My favorite snack is gold fish, Doritos, toffee, and Fanta. It was a great movie. We always have service before movie night. We talked about the kings of Israel and I liked the speech.


Rachel H., age 10

Tribe of Levi

If you’re one of those people that wants a nap every day, then you’re favorite activity at Camp Gilgal will be F.O.B. F.O.B. stands for Flat On Bunk. During this period all campers must stay in their bunk-room and be silent. You can either curl up under your covers and sleep, us a flashlight and read a book, or (if you’re lucky) your tribe leaders will let you play a game. Most of my cabin mates think that F.O.B. is unnecessary, but I think that F.O.B is just what everyone needs.