Hey Camp Fam

Hey Camp Gilgal family! I’m writing to you on day 2 of a period of working from home as New York City is doing what it can to curb the spread of COVID-19. I’m sure that a lot of you are getting bonus days off of school and that some of you are figuring out online school and that your family is having extra “togetherness time” too.

PeachFuzz is obsessed with my computer keyboard, so writing things or working on projects is a little tricky (I’m typing this on my phone), but we’re also scheduling lots of extra hangouts and Bible studies over on Skype (check Facebook or Instagram for the schedule updates).

The easiest work for me to do from home right now is talking on the phone—so if you’re bored or worried or need help with homework CALL OR TEXT ME. Social distancing doesn’t need to mean social isolation. This is the time for all of our skills with our phones to really pay off! Use your instagrams to share Bible verses that are giving you life right now! Share favorite podcasts or Spotify playlists. Let’s encourage each other Camp Family!

Love, RedSox


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