Gilgal Gazette Monday


Alex J., Age 13

Tribe of Naphtali

From the peaceful soothing sound of the body of water and the glistening light hitting the water, boating is a great, fun and safe experience that is on the activities list for Teen Camp.

In my boating experience, (and I went twice) both times were so fun and I learned so much about boating and the time you have on the water makes you feel like you are with your friends, and your thoughts and boating is a great active activity.

Boating can be very intense, the first of the days I did canoeing, we had races against the other boats. It was amazing. After the races, we paddled around the pond, and as we would get close to another canoe, we would get into a water fight. In the words of one of my fellow campers, “the thrill is real.”

It wasn’t all crazy, because it was also very relaxing and beautiful. Along the way to boating, we had to do “road procedure.” This is the thing we do to cross the street at camp, since the pond is on the other side of the road from our cabins. Twister also taught us about the parts of the paddle and how is actually works in the water. I learned a few things.

I picked boating randomly, but had a lot of fun and I am glad that I spent peaceful time on the water.

Staff Testimonies

Colton Z., Age: 14

Tribe of Levi

After lunch each day, three staff members would go to the front of the dining hall and basically tell their stories. At the end we would ask three questions and how we could pray for them. It made me more comfortable knowing their background and it was easier to talk to them. They go through their lives, childhood, time at Camp Gilgal, and funny stories. They talk about how their walk with God was, is and hopefully will be. I enjoyed listening to them and I can’t wait to hear more. It made it easier for us as campers to realize where our walk with God is going. It takes courage to get up in front of many campers and staff and tell your story and your standing with beliefs. They all have courage and I respect all of them.

My Midwest & East Camp Experience

Nena K., Age: 12

Tribe of Asher

This year, I went to Junior Camp in the Midwest and Teen Camp in the East. Both were very fun. One of the things that I really like about Teen Camp is chill time. Chill time is where you can literally do anything that you want. Nukem, sleep, braid hair or take a shower. Things that you want to do but don’t have a lot of time for. Another thing that I really like is campfire. During campfire, the whole camp sits in a circle and talk about different things like community, and our parents. We bounce ideas off of each other while we incorporate our feelings and ideas. While there is a fire burning in the middle and we have helpful spiritual discussion with the campers and staff.

At Teen Camp, there is one night a week when we camp (sleep) outside in tents. This year we went off camp, drove to a campground in the Adirondacks, for our sleep out. There was a pool there too. I didn’t go swimming because I didn’t want my bathing suit to be wet for the next day. I knew that the next morning, we were going white water rafting.

During the afternoon, I sat by the pool with Nature Valley and we were tanning. After that, I put my feet in the water and got splashed! It was so much fun. I look forward to going again next year.

Next year, Teen Camp will be open in the Midwest. Since I live in Michigan, I’ll be there next year. Regardless of what I go to, I know that I will learn a lot, have lots and lots of fun, and strengthen my relationship with Messiah Yeshua.

Dear First Time Camper

Our next letter to any and all fabulous first time campers was written by Strings! She will also be with us at camp this summer, and boy are we excited. She has been coming to camp since she was 10 and has been staff since 2003! She plays the violin, and has in years past played the roll of Hebrew teacher, as well as ATL leader which she will be co-leading again for 2015. So exciting! And don’t forget, if you’re interested in Camp Gilgal (or you know someone who is) make sure to check out!

Dear New Awesome Camper,

Hey! My name is Strings and I’m so excited that you’re coming to Camp Gilgal this summer! Here are some things that are useful to know:

  1. The food is pretty good. Chef is awesome.
  2. The pool is awesome. If you bring goggles, it’s even better.
  3. Bring a sweatshirt. It’s always colder than you think it will be at night.
  4. A joke that will make sense when you get here:

Q: When is a drawer not a drawer?

A: When it’s ajar!

  1. Bring a water bottle!
  2. Be prepared to make a lot of new friends.
  3. Remember once a Camp Gilgal camper, always a Camp Gilgal camper.

Welcome to the Family!

Walk in Love,


Twin Night


Ruski and the Big Apple

Today I went on an adventure; I took a train to a strange land- a concrete jungle filled with vibrant life and rich culture. Today is my first day as the Camp Gilgal Summer 2015 intern!

A little intro into who I am – My camp name is Ruski. Many of you may know me and hopefully by the end of this summer all of you will. Let me start by saying I. Love. Camp. I’ve either been a camper, staff, or visiting staff every year since 2002. That’s longer than a lot of campers have been alive! I love Jesus, campers, honey, and anything that has to do with languages. My favorite camp activity is archery, because it makes me feel super cool when I hit the bulls eye. My favorite camp meal is (naturally) Fancy Waffle Breakfast, though pizza day is a close second. I love blueberries, I could eat them literally (not figuratively) all day. Every year I bring to camp this soft purple blanket that has cute bats on it that say ‘BOO’ and I love it. I have 3 cats and I think I will miss them more than my family and friends (I know it’s horrible but true). I think that the thing I consistently forget to pack for is theme meals. I make due but I know I can be so much wackier.

When I found out a few years ago that Jews For Jesus offered internships for camp I slowly became more and more intrigued by the idea. I became seriously interested after camp last year, which was only strengthened when we all found out that Red Sox would be our new Glorious Leader. What better time to be of the greatest help that I could be than during this exciting transition! Now here I am, learning what goes into making camp happen. Paperwork, research, phone calls, and so much more that I am so blessed to be a part of. It’s only day 1, and so far it’s only been meetings, eating Indian food, and writing this post to you guys, but I am so excited to see how God will work through this amazing opportunity.

Can’t wait to see you all this summer!


Gilgal Gazette Monday


Malkiel A., Age 15

Tribe of Dan

Campfire is part of Camp gilgal tradition. It’s when everyone gets together at the top of the hill where you can see the setting sun, not too bar from the cabins. One of the staff builds the fire and we all sit down on benches around the fire.

At campfire we listen to Blewish lead a discussion and open our hearts to Jesus. This year, the discussions were about our communities, the love that parents offer to us, the love that God has for us, and the love we give them both. Finally we talked about having faith. At the end, we sometimes look at the sunset and remember that God created the nature.

These discussion affected me by showing me how much our parents love us and what they do to be friends with us.


Noah L., Age 13

Tribe of Naphtali

This year, one of my favorite activities was basketball. I had a great time! I played basketball on Tuesday and Saturday. The counselors on Tuesday were Swank and Diamond. On Friday, it was Scooter and Diamond.

On Tuesday, basketball wasn’t easy because there were like thirty people and the floor was really difficult to run on because it was a weird type of hardwood. Diamond’s team won two straight games. Swank’s team only won one game.

Saturday was completely different. We played outside, Scooter and Diamond were there and there were only about ten people. There was only one game, but it was very intense and well-played. The loading scorers were Colton with four points and me with twelve.

In my opinion ball-handling is the hardest part, but the best part of basketball. It enables me to look amazing while breaking the ankles of my opponent! (What I mean is, I dribble around their ankles so that they get distracted and trip).

Basketball at Camp Gilgal is always something to look forward to. I love playing on a team and working together.

Gilgal Gazette Monday

First Time at Camp

Leah M., Age 14

Tribe of Judah

This is my first year at Camp Gilgal and I had a great time. I wasn’t expecting to have such a good time because the day before I was really nervous I wasn’t going to meet new friends. But when I arrived I made so many new friends and had so much fun.

If I could talk to myself before I came to camp, I would say, “Do not be nervous. You are going to make so many new friends and learn so much about Jesus.” I really want to come back to camp next year!

My friend Ana invited me to camp and I am so glad she did.

Tribe Bible Study

Rebekah C., Age 13

Tribe of Zebulun

At Camp Gilgal, it’s a great time to learn more about Jesus and have some fun. When I went to Teen Camp, I met a lot of new friends. In our tribe, we had Bible studies from Mark.

We started our Tribe Bible Study by having a discussion on what we read to better understand the passage. We also shared prayer requests and would pray for each other. Also, whenever I read, I get more out of it than I did the first time I read it. Camp makes a big difference when I come back home.

Camp help me wants to read the Bible more often and follow good influences. When my little brother came home from Junior Camp I could see positive changes in him and I hope the changes continue for all of us.

Gilgal Gazette Monday

Tribe Bible Study

Daniel V., Age 14

Tribe of Levi

As the days of camp go by, and the activities are being chosen, Bible study is always going to be one of the options. It’s actually quite fun, the different Bible study activities, even though there are usually just a few other campers. You get to talk to the staff about your life of believing in God and how you might want to change the relationship. Everyday, the activities for Bible study always change and it’s not the same.

You can talk about: how to understand/read your Bible, building a prayer life, sharing your faith, sharing your testimony, dealing with doubt, serving God. It’s really easy to get comfortable with the staff. Even when you’re not in the activity, you can talk to anyone when you’re free or during another activities. One time, I went to “serving God” and were talking about how we want to change our ways with God, our previous lives with him, and how we can make him more central in our future, and show and talk to others about him. As we were talking, we cam up with an idea how we can improve our relationship with him and spread the gospel. My ways were to pray, read the Bible and do projects to help others. I hope I keep growing in faith after camp.

Parsha post: Acharei

This week’s parsha is from Leviticus 16:1-18:30 and Amos 9:7-15.

The Leviticus section picks up after the deaths of Aaron’s two sons because they were not treating the tabernacle or God with proper respect. Now, Aaron is given instructions regarding the sacrifices for the Day of Atonement, or Yom Kippur. Explicit instructions are given for how, who, when, and where these sacrifices shall be carried out. People are forbidden from trying to secure their own atonement from foreign gods by sacrificing outside of there camp and people are again forbidden from eating meat with the blood still in it. There is an additional listing of ways that people could behave in a way that would cause them to become contaminated as well.

Holiness is a serious thing. We see that again and again in Leviticus. Our God is holy and we need a covering or atonement in order to be in relationship with him, in order for him to dwell in our midst. The sacrifices offered by Aaron are a temporary covering over of sin, they do not remove it. The atonement offered by Aaron as the high priest is a picture of a permanent sufficient for all act of redemption. When Yeshua ( Jesus) shed his blood on the cross it was the sacrifice of the ultimate perfect spotless lamb. That one sacrifice is sufficient for all who would believe.

Shabbat Shalom Camp Gilgal,