First Full Day of Camp

Today was officially the first day of camp and may I say it’s been crazy awesome. We started off the day right with pancakes, turkey bacon (Yes, the bacon was fowl!), fruit and hard-boiled eggs. Once done with breakfast campers headed back to their cabins as quickly as possible to begin cabin clean up. From there we headed over for Tabernacle to sing worship songs and learn about the kings of Israel. Our theme is “A Heart After God” based on 1 Samuel 16:7. The campers then got their activities for the rest of the week. These include Hebrew, and craft for everyone and then the option between: ASL, claymation, soccer, basketball, trekking, and “mad science.” At this moment campers are getting ready to dress up for a theme meal known as fashion disasta’ night. Anything goes with this meal and the crazier the better.

More to come!


First Night of Camp Recap

Happy to be starting camp!
Happy to be starting camp!

Hey Parents!

It’s been a pretty fast and furious first night and day of camp. The campers are all settled and have been able to experience their first night and real day of camp and its activities. We started out last night with some tasty pizza and wings with a healthy dose of salad or veggies. After that each tribe went and took their swim test; fears were overcome and there were many green wristbands given out! Once everyone had dried off they went to the Mishkan and picked their tribe names and tribe flag. There are 4 tribes this year with the names: Levi, Judah, Reuben, and Benjamin. Following the choosing of names and flags the campers and staff began to head to their first campfire. Songs were song, and afterwards Baby Carrots gave a campfire talk about giving the glory to God through both our actions and words. The campers then settled down and spent their first night in their cabins with their staff and cabin mates.


More to come…

– Twister

It’s today! It’s today! It’s today!

We are so excited to welcome our campers today and so looking forward to seeing what God is going to do over the next two weeks of Junior Camp. We will try and post updates as frequently as we can and share photos of some of the fun we are having together. Please pray that the weather would stay beautiful and that we wouldn’t have too much rain. Pray for traveling mercies for the campers and their families as they travel today.