Gilgal Gazette 2016 #5

Name: Daniel C.

Age: 11

Tribe: Judah

Capture the Degel

Capture the Degel is a fun game we play at camp. I ran really fast past the other team a lot. When Ephraim and I were distracting the other team Isaac’s sister told Isaac where the flag was. He got the flag by distracting them. I think my team was the best because we had the fastest players and the best strategy. We would get half the other team in jail then charged and looked for the degel. Every year my team always wins. We never give up and risk it. Plus degal means flag in Hebrew. The main point of the game was to find the flags and take it to your side and you win. It’s more fun at Camp Gilgal because we have a good map and fun people. I like Capture the Degel because you use a lot of your energy and you have to use a lot of strategy. It was better this year because we got pennies and a good team. It was extra awesome when I dodged someone from another team by doing rolls. Capture the Degel is my favorite activity. I wish we could do it every day.

Name: Rebekah C.

Age: 15

Tribe: Simeon


There are many fun games at camp. One of the fun games at camp was Scream-O. Scream-O is a game based off of luck with a partner and dice and little pieces of paper from numbers 2 to 12. Both partners have to roll all the possible numbers from 2 to 12 on their separate sets. The fun part of the game is how frantic it gets when playing with other teams while laughing and screaming. Everyone is always in a rush to beat the other team, therefore moving up closer to winning is the whole game. It can also be a great bonding game because you are working with your partner to complete a challenge. You also get to have a good laugh with your teammate and opponent. My partner and I could barely win a game as the rounds ran out. Then they called two more rounds and we were at the second place zone. The pressure started to rise and clumsiness came with it. We were at the first zone then heard Scream-O and we had won the game which was surprising after losing for a while. I will miss Scream-O as this is my last year of teen camp but I will also remember the fun I had and the friends I made.

Bar Mitzvah recap

This last weekend the Camp Gilgal community in New York celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of Josiah with his family. Beardo has been working with him for a little over a year and it was great to be able to rejoice and memorialize this wonderful event with his family.

His parsha was Bereshit (the first one in the cycle: Genesis 1:1-6:8; Isaiah 42:5-43:10) and Josiah read from the Torah and the Haftarah and shared with all of us about his understanding of his parsha. An excerpt of his speech is below:

My haftorah talks about God telling Israel through Isaiah of his plan to save them from their slavery to sin and general bad situation.  Isaiah 42 finds Israel in a bad place.Their sin has exiled them from the Promised Land and God sends Isaiah with a message of correction, comfort, and hope for their future. From Isaiah 42:24-25 we learn that Israel is rightly being punished for their disobedience, but they don’t totally understand it yet. This is like a kid throwing a temper tantrum and pouting in the timeout chair. A kid throwing a tantrum makes sense, a grown up doing it is just plain weird. The timeout chair teaches us to regret the behavior and disobedience that made us sit out. Discipline helps us see that wrong things have negative results. Israel is in the timeout chair and they think God has forgotten them. 

The Lord tells them through Isaiah that he is with them now and will bring them out. In Isaiah 43:1 God says through Isaiah, “Do not fear for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” He tells them that he would do anything for them, he hasn’t forgotten them, and he loves them. Starting in Isaiah 42:1 and throughout my portion, Isaiah speaks of a servant God has chosen and would send. When I first read it, I didn’t exactly think that the servant was anyone special–I mean, he’s just a servant. But, then as I spent more time reading it and thinking about it, I saw the important things the servant was going to do. God has chosen him, God’s spirit is on him, and he is going to bring justice to the world. I then realized the servant was Jesus. In Isaiah 42:7 it says that the servant will, “open eyes that are blind,free captives from prison, and to release from the dungeon those who sit in darkness.”

I see a connection with this to Matthew 11:2-5 where John the Baptist’s disciples ask Jesus if he is the Messiah they’ve been waiting for, or if they should keep looking. Jesus tells John’s disciples that the blind see–and adds that the lame walk, the people with diseases are healed, the deaf hear, and the dead are raised.

In The Return of the King (the last of The Lord of the Rings books) Samwise Gamgee discovers that Gandalf isn’t dead and he himself isn’t dead as he’d assumed, and he asks Gandalf if this means that “everything sad is going to come untrue.”

So just like Samwise sees the hope of all of the sad things becoming undone, all the wickedness and sin become untrue through the Servant, Jesus. We want the sad things to not be true, but we can’t fix them ourselves.

In Star Wars  Princess Leiah says in a recording recorded in R2D2, “Save us Obi wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope.”

This happens in many stories, because we recognize that we need someone to come to our rescue. In movies there’s a hero who saves the day, Jesus is the one who saves us and makes our sin come untrue.

Mazel Tov Josiah!


Gilgal Gazette 2016 Week #4

Name: Isaac G.

Age: 10

Tribe: Judah

Camp Meals

I love the different types of meals we have at Camp Gilgal. On Friday morning we have, in my opinion, the best breakfast ever: Waffles! They are not just ordinary waffles, they are waffle sundaes! With the waffle sundaes we are able to put whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate shavings, and maple syrup. They were so good, I had two of them.  On the same day, for lunch, I had crispy chicken tenders with ketchup and BBQ sauce. For lunch and dinner, we get to have vegetables and if we eat them, we can have whatever delicious dessert chef has prepared for us. That day, we had broccoli which is my favorite vegetable. For Shabbat dinner, we had lasagna and rosemary bread. The vegetable was cooked asparagus. In the lasagna, there was different kinds of cheeses and sauce, but there was no meat, so our vegetarian friends were able to enjoy it too. For dessert we had delicious snickerdoodles that chef made for the whole camp. The meals on Friday made that day especially awesome. The food at Camp Gilgal is so tasty. I could die for their food and can’t wait to eat it again.

Name: Elliot A

Age: 14

Tribe: Benjamin

The Epic Tales of Judah
Judah is a beast. Judah’s a gymnast and can do splits. During our decathlon, which is ten competitive challenges between two teams, we had to drink a box of flavored seltzers (which was disgusting) and make a tower out of the empty cans. Few people could finish even one, Judah chugged six, one after the other without changing his facial expression. He wrote our team anthem and ate several pieces of dry lasagna pasta. He also has a great sense of humor and puts up with my disease jokes. Judah’s the real estcamper to ever camp. Judah’s from Syracuse and has been an amazing gymnast for 7 years. He’s a 13 year old but because of all the muscle stimulation of gymnastics he’s huge. Asher and I thought he was a counselor when we first saw him. While he is calm and quiet he does everything with joy and enthusiasm. Loves brownies and hates bullies. He’s smart and nice and he’s good at all sports and all in all I thoroughly enjoyed having in the tribe of Benjamin with me.  
Name: Ellie W

Age: 12ish

Tribe: Asher

First off, Anonymous is a human and female. She has longish brown hair and wears Converse that were once white. Her favorite movie genre is comedy and does not know her favorite movie. This is her fourth year as staff and eleventh year at camp. She loves napping and road trips as her hobbies that she enjoys.Anonymous is passionate about working with children and teenagers because she wants to let them know that God loves them and has a lot in store for them. Anonymous’s role model is C.S Lewis because of the way he wrote about Yeshua in such a real way. Her favorite sport is football and she loves the Carolina Panthers. Her favorite season is fall because she loves fall fashion and doesn’t sweat as much.Anonymous is an awesome counselor and is a great person.



Gilgal Gazette 2016 Week 3

Name: Ephraim L.  Age: 11     Tribe: Judah
Hebrew Quizzing
Hebrew quizzing is quizzing that’s also a game show. It is new to Camp Gilgal East but has been done before at mid-west camp. It is different from Hebrew because in Hebrew we learn more about thelanguage and that helps for our Hebrew quizzing. It is a really fun thing to do. My favorite word is Mayim because the song is funny and comes with a dance. During Hebrew quizzing we have Hebrew questions.Every correct answer is worth 10 points so my team the Chicken Toots finished with a total of 350 points. We answered 26 questions right. On the first day the scores were really close. The Shark Molars had 20 points, the Hebrew Heroes had 30 points, and my team the Chicken Toots had a total of 40 points. The next day we had a Hebrew tournament with 5 categories- aleph bet, numbers, words, fill in the blank, and Pictionary. For calling the answers we used buzzers and a can with a stick. We were at a disadvantage because our buzzer was slower than everyone else so we got a drum. After that we caught up pretty fast. Then, at the end we had one last questions and it was worth 100 points. The last question was, you have to sing “am yisrael chai” so we barely made it with the drum, and sang the song to victory. We are going to get a prize but it is still a mystery.
Name: David K Age: 15
Tribe: Issachar
The many hidden talents of Elliot
Life in camp always revolves around several things. One of the most important things is friendship. An example can be my amigo Elliot. He is a wisecracker kid that has many talents. The first talent he has is kvetching. For those who don’t understand what that means, it is actually Yiddish for complaining. This doesn’t mean that he dislikes camp but it is part of his joking personality. It was hysterical when his 
remarks got so out of hand that he actually had to have a limit for it. Another great example of his talents is singing and music taste. Whenever he and I got bored, we would start singing mostly five musical geniuses which were Frank Ocean, Drake. Outkast, and Kanye West. He insisted that Views by Drake and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West are more than albums but musical masterpieces. All in all Elliot’s a good kid. Sure, he might be a crazy guy but name one that is normal. I’m grateful to have a friend like that. We’ve been campers and friends for a long time and grown together a lot. I’m glad God brought us to camp.  

Gilgal Gazette 2016 issue 2

Name: Alana F.Age: 12Tribe: Benjamin
Go Sox! (RedSox that is)
RedSox is a very nice, kind, inspiring person at camp. I’ve known her for three years and she is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is like my mom. When I am at camp- whenever I have trouble with something or I miss home I can always count on her to comfort me and support me. RedSox is the director of camp and she does it in a great way. That means she doesn’t need to yell at kids to get things done. She is the Bible teacher in tabernacle and makes things fun and upbeat as she helps us learn about God. Some people can make the Bible really boring, but she makes it really fun. In the morning,she greets us for line up at kikar (the line up spot) with “Boker Tov” and sometimes dental inspection. If you have a project you’re having trouble doing, RedSox will help you focus and get it done (like postcards, Gilgal Gazette, sending letters, learning verses- whatever)! She inspires me and a lot of other campers. If you’ve come to camp you already know she’s awesome, but if you haven’t I hope you come soon!
Name: Asher WAge: 14Tribe: Benjamin
Indiana Jones & other true tales of Flexing, Grooviness, & a Russian
Indiana Jones who was born in Russia at a very early age, is a prime example of renaissance manhood. Daring, ripped, & Jewish. A lover of the Infamous “haunted” shower (only infamous due to its lack of light and occasional proverbial spider).
Indy has an incredible sense of humor and even tolerates Elliot’s contortionist jokes, with his shades dangling on his necklace. Indiana leads activities with imperial passion & joy. Even informal nightly flexing where pushups are attempted and muscle progress is analyzed in a nearby mirror, is met with partial exasperation. Indiana is often heard singing Russian love ballads or announcing in his deep voice, Russian to the corethat he ate too much breakfast and is just too full. Indy helps everyone, eats anything, & prays for everyone. His favorite Bible verse is Ephesians 1:5 which describes Gods adoption of believers into the heavenly family. Always happy and sanguine, Indiana a decidedly groovy Jew.

Rosh Hashanah and the Days of Awe

So Camp Gilgal family, as of Sunday night we’re in the year 5777 and tonight is the first shabbat of the new year.

Rosh Hashanah (the feast of trumpets or literally the Head of the Year) began Sunday night (October 2nd) and then here in NYC, schools were closed Monday and Tuesday in observance of the holiday. Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) begins next Tuesday Night (October 11th) and ends the following evening (October 12th). Between these holidays are ten days that are called “the Days of Awe.” These days, both in services and outside of them, encourage and charge us to pay attention, to reflect, and to make things right.

There are a couple of things built into the season that help us to engage with the idea of repentance. One of them is something called tashlich (more here) where as a community or as individuals we go to a body of water and throw the crumbs from our pockets, stale bread, or even small pebbles away–symbolically casting our sins into the “heart of the sea”(Micah 7:19). The other is the al chet and occurs during Yom Kippur services.

The Al Chet goes through a pattern of “for the sin we have committed against you by _______, for the sin we have committed against you by________, “and fills in the blank with things from every letter of the alphabet and then the leader responds with “For all these O God of forgiveness, pardon us, forgiveness, and grant us atonement.” The thing that the Al Chet does (for more click here) that I really appreciate is that it is specific about areas of misstep, failure to act, and straight up unkindness that I know occur in my heart and in my actions.

When we’re kids there are always things that we’re being reminded/instructed to apologize for, but as adults it feels like I hear “sorry” being used far more often in a “sorry not sorry” context than in actual apology. Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” says the word a bunch of times but never actually apologizes. That kind of “sorry” is really easy to give and really meaningless to receive. What the al chet does for me is it reminds me that I am more in need of forgiveness from God that I realize, and that his forgiveness has already been poured out on me because of Yeshua.  I am known, loved, and forgiven already-regardless of what I confess to God, from the al chet or otherwise. 1 John 1:9 says that “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.”

Sorry not sorry isn’t confession. It acknowledges that the other person feels wronged, but the offending party doesn’t take responsibility. I think this is a great time of year to consider who we owe an apology to and in many cases, who we have been withholding forgiveness from.

Shana Tova Camp Gilgal!

More on views of forgiveness here



Drumroll please….2016 Gazette Week 1!

After making you wait so long for the first looks at the 2016 Gilgal Gazette, we’ll be posting one junior and one teen article each week. Stay tuned for photos and updates from the camp team in NY! Thanks for your patience and Shanah Tovah!

Name: Matthew S.Age: 10Tribe: Asher
Archery in CampHi my name is Matthew and in this article you will learn what you would learn in archery. Also you will
learn the rules that you learn in archery. The correct position for shooting is when your feet are in baseball stance. Your left hand is holding the bow if you’re a righty (other way around if you’re a lefty).The colored feather facing the outside of the bow, and the bow string must be able to reach your jaw.When you fire after aiming. I want to tell you the rules so you can stay safe. The rules in archery are,don’t pick up your bow until the counselors tell you to. Do not get your arrows until everyone is done shooting, and don’t shoot until told to. I like archery because you get to shoot arrows, also you can keep doing it and keep getting better at it. I like shooting arrows because sometimes I hit the target and it feels awesome. This year I shot one bullseye. I picked archery because I like to concentrate on things while having fun. Archery benefits hand eye coordination and I love that I get to do it at Camp Gilgal.
Gilgal Gazette: Teen CampName: Judah W.Age: 13Tribe: Benjamin
The campfire is a really cool and different part of camp. Most camps if they even include a camp fire have campfire songs, s’mores, and stories. Not only does Camp Gilgal’s campfire include these things,but they include life lessons taken away from scripture. At the beginning of camp I was pretty shy to share my ideas during Bible discussion, but as I enjoyed camp throughout the week and my faith grew closer to Yeshua it became easier to speak, answer questions and be active in prayer. Not only did I change but I saw others transform through the power of Yeshua. Something about the word changes people’s personalities, and shows their true colors. For example when Alex, a camper, would raise his hand to answer a discussion question he sounded educated and like a true son of God who loved Yeshua; something I didn’t quite expect on first glance—it was great to hear from him and great to get to know him. All together the campfire was something to really look forward to at the end of the day.It’s something that is unique to Camp Gilgal and is a really great aspect of camp, a camper like me can’t get anywhere else.