Wonderful Winter Weekend 2020 Recap!!!

Hi Camp Gilgal Family,

I wanted to give you a little bit of a recap of WWW 2020 and share some highlights and photos should be up next week. We had an incredible time at Wonderful Winter Weekend 2020!!! There were 37 campers and staff, plus a camp baby! This year we studied Psalm 40 and discussed what it means that Yeshua is our help and delivers us from the “pits” and struggles we face in life. Sneezy taught the junior campers, and Hiccup led the teen camp discussions. We looked at examples of people in the Bible who had found themselves in pits, how God had met them, and how we can share about God’s deliverance of us too.

During the weekend, the campers also participated in our first Intergalactic Olympic Trails! We split into four teams and the campers named their planets: Byak Bork, Zorpalorp, The Dismal Abyss (sometimes The Dismal Abbys), and Alpha Reyach. They got creative and came up with their planet’s environment, animal and plant life, flag, anthem, and Olympic uniforms. On Saturday the teams all created their planet’s unique sport and we even competed in a couple of them.

Several times throughout the weekend, campers participated in worship through music and liturgy. Anonymous led worship for us and RedSox and Beardo guided us through the Shabbat liturgy and the Havdalah service. Beardo shared about the parsha Friday night and Saturday.

It was an amazing weekend full of fun for old and new campers alike. RedSox began the weekend by telling everyone one of the things she was most excited about was knowing that there would never be the same exact group of people at Wonderful Winter Weekend again and even if there was, we would all be older and different. Her point was there would never be a WWW like this one ever again, because camp is what it is because of the people that make up our incredible family!

I had an awesome time at WWW 2020! Our time was full of laughs, great food, and impactful conversations about the Lord and how He desires to meet us in our struggles and pain. I was so blessed to be able to study the Bible with all the campers who came this year and I can’t wait to do it again…Speaking of which: did you know that there is a teen skype study on Wednesdays at 7PM? Join us to study the Bible! We also have a daily blog on the parsha, which you can use to stay in the word at campgilgaleastinthebible.wordpress.com. Lastly, we hope to see you at Camp Gilgal this summer! Get the discounted price is you register by Sunday, March 18th!!!!! Go to campgilgal.com today!

God bless,



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