Camp-ish Gilgal 2020 Wrap Up

Wow, Camp Gilgal… what a summer! This is not the sort of summer we ever hoped for, imagined, or planned on happening. But you know what’s awesome is that none of this surprised God. God wasn’t surprised that this would be a season of staying at home. He wasn’t surprised that camp would be online. I’m so grateful that we have a God who is in control and who knows what’s up all of the time.

Maybe this is a summer that you would rather forget. I would encourage you to remember and memorialize the things God has done in your midst in this season of COVID-19 and in this summer. Our camp theme verse, Joshua 1:9, is God telling Joshua to intentionally remember what He has done in his midst and commanded him, and that He can confidently move forward knowing God is with him. We have the same God that Joshua had, and it is so good for us to remember His faithfulness to us too.

At Camp-ish this summer, we got to hang out with parents & kids, which doesn’t normally happen! We got to be together multiple times a week in a Zoom room even though we were all scattered in different places. We even had our first ever virtual talent show. We had our first ever book club and our first virtual staff cabins. We got to have Skidoo, Schnitzel, Judah, Ruski, and Anonymous lead activities virtually. We started celebrating Shabbat & Havdalah every week together back in April and we are continuing that into the fall! And we got to invite new people into the Camp Gilgal family.

When we remember the good things God has blessed us with, we are led to give Him praise. As we look back on this strange and less than ideal summer, there are still so many reasons to praise God.

We love & miss you Camp family, and we can’t wait until we get to see you in 3D again!

In Yeshua,

The Camp-ish Gilgal 2020 Team: Sneezy, Hiccup, and Red Sox

WWW 2019!

Hey Camp fam!

Wonderful Winter Weekend is less than a month away, and the team has kicked into full gear to get ready for the best weekend ever.

This year, the Winter Weekend team is made up of Beardo, Sneezy, Sitruce and Hiccup (with the help of Tech and Twister)! Get pumped guys — we are planning some super fun games, Bible lessons, and more! We’ll be in touch & give you more exciting details in the coming weeks.

But for now, register early and register often!

We hope to see you Feb 22-24 at WWW!

In Yeshua,


Recommended Resource Day: The Bible Project

Hi Camp Gilgal parents & campers!

Today I want to share a resource with you that can help you study and even teach the Bible. It’s a resource we use a ton at camp called the Bible Project:

This website is great because it allows you to study the Bible in a lot of different ways. You can go by theme, series, words, Old Testament and New Testament.

Campers: this website is very helpful for you! When you’re reading the Bible on your own and want some background information or help understanding complicated things, this website can help you out. The animated videos are fun and very informative.

Parents: this website is a great way to help you teach the Bible to your kids. The background information given for each of the books of the Bible is clear and concise. The website is also easy to navigate and the animated videos explain the Bible in a comprehensible way.

This is how I used this website as the intern this summer for our Tabernacle study in the book of Joshua:

  1. read scripture
  2. watch the informative illustrated video
  3. look at the section called “about Joshua” and the major milestones/highlights from the book
  4. if needed, look at the suggested readings or further resources

This is a great, clearly written resource. The animated videos are also a super helpful way to look at the projection of the stories. I loved using this resource to study the Bible this summer during my internship, and I use it in my own study too. Hope you enjoy it!


Adventure Camp Wrap Up

Hi everyone!

And just like that I’m in the last week of my internship :( This has been one of the most transformative, enriching summers of my life and I feel so incredibly lucky to have served in this way at camp. The Camp Gilgal family is truly remarkable, and I’m so grateful to God for providing me with this community. I’ll write another blog post soon (probably once I return home and have some time to reflect) all about my internship, but for now, let’s talk about adventure camp because it was an IN-TENTS week (good pun, eh?).

Here’s a brief wrap: On Sunday, after packing up our things, we drove to our campsite and got settled in. We ate RedSox’s famous annual first night of adventure camp chilli… which was delish as always. Monday was our first day of rock climbing which was  challenging but ridiculously fun. We even had the opportunity to rappel and do some more challenging climbs. Sadly our second day of rock climbing on Wednesday got rained out… but after drying off and buying fresh socks we spent the day playing games and chillin’. On Tuesday and Thursday we did some hiking and swimming at Minnewaska State Park. Sitruce, Pamplemousse and Hannah come to this park almost every summer so it was great to have people with us who knew the trails well. On Friday we headed back to the city, unpacked, took delightful (and much needed) showers, and proceeded to eat Dig Inn on the High Line. On our last day of camp (boooo) we slept in, had a homemade brunch feast, finished up our bible study in the book of Jonah, and watched Moana.

The food at adventure camp was incredible, and I’m personally convinced everything tastes better when you’re in the woods. From tomato soup, to Taco Tuesday, to Indian food, pasta and meatballs… plus delicious lunch bowls, energizing breakfasts, and plentiful snacks, we were certainly well fed. Shoutout to RedSox for being an amazing chef!

Adventure camp always reminds me how important it is to work as a team. Camping is a lot of work, but when we all contribute it makes life in the woods enjoyable and fun. The Camp Gilgal family becomes even stronger when we’re out in the wild ;) Adventure camp is an awesome distraction free week to be with one another and to spend time alone with the Lord reflecting on His word. It’s so refreshing to be removed from things like Instagram and Facebook and really focus in on community and deepening our relationships with God. It was a super restful week. We read the book of Jonah throughout the week and talked about God’s pursuit of Jonah, even though he was intentionally running away from God. The same kind of love God pursued Jonah with is the same kind of love he pursues each one of us with, which is pretty incredible if ya ask me!  Jonah is such an interesting book and God’s unrelenting character, mercy and love is made really clear through Jonah’s story. Although it was a damp week… Adventure Camp 2018, you treated us well. Now it’s time to wrap up my internship! I’ll write again soon!

In Him,


Teen Camp Recap

Hello! It’s Sneezy (also now known as Snezzy – thanks junior campers) and we are back from teen camp! I can’t believe how fast teen camp went… the 8 days were  packed full of fun and adventure and time just whizzed by.

Our tabernacle lessons during teen camp were on belief & doubt from the book of Acts. We looked at the lives of the early believers and learned what it looks like to live a life of faith even when we have questions or doubts. Our memory verse was Hebrews 11:1-3,6 which perfectly reflected our theme. We had lots of bible topics during activity slots such as Gender in the Bible, Quiet Time and Prayer, God and Science, Sharing the Gospel with Friends, and more. The nightly discussion campfire theme was “Grace and ________.” We talked about Shame, Doubt and Anxiety and how the message of grace enables us to cope with these trials. I really loved the bible topics and the relevant and intriguing discussions we got to have.

The first field trip we went on was to the farm… also known as mensch day! Even though it was rainy, the opportunity to tangibly help Patroon Land Farms and the local community was amazing. Patroon Land Farms sends most of their produce to a local food bank, and they are also part of a CSA. We got to pick Swiss Chard, Garlic Scapes, we removed rocks from soil and put boxes together. Patroon Land has about 30 acres of land, and only 5 full time staff to maintain the land. They really appreciated our help and it was so nice to be a blessing to the community.

And our annual camping/white water rafting extravaganza was awesome! We were at a new campsite this year and it was beautiful (and so much less buggy!). There was a beautiful lake to swim in, tether ball, a beach volleyball net, basketball courts, tether ball, and a playground. And the facilities were top notch! We ate a delicious dinner made by Watson and RedSox, had some fun on the beach,  ate s’mores, had our campfire discussion, star gazed and then hit the hay. We woke up early to head to Wild Waters, and it was a beautiful day for rafting! The sun was shining but it was not too hot. Our guides were as great as ever and we went back to camp exhausted, full of yummy food, and happy.

Daily activities were a blast as well, we did things like running, karate, how to draw portraits, high tea, Yiddish proverbs, soccer and more. Teen camp 2018 was a blast, and it was so cool to watch God at work through the Bible teachings but also through the details of organizing, the weather, and our safety. Stay on the lookout for photos on Flickr. Now it’s time to get ready for adventure camp!!!

In Yeshua,




Staff training starts in TWO days!

Hey Camp Gilgal!

So… RedSox and I leave for camp tomorrow and the rest of the staff come on Wednesday to begin staff training. The time has seriously flown by… it’s a little ridiculous how fast everything has happened! I can’t believe my time in New York City is coming to an end :(

We are busily preparing ourselves and getting ready to leave.. so today’s post won’t be a long one. I will have more to update you on once we arrive at camp, but for now I just wanted to check in and say that we are praying for you, we love you, and we are so excited to see you! Camp Gilgal 2018 is only going to happen once… and we are so excited that you’re going to be part of it!

See you soon!

With Love,



Joshua 24

Camp Gilgal! In just two weeks, all of the staff will be at camp getting ready for the junior campers to come! That’s crazy! My time in New York City has flown by and I’ve absolutely loved being here and getting ready for camp. But, I’m very excited to see you all, we have some super fun things planned for this summer :)

This morning, Sox, Beardo and I finished reading through the book of Joshua (which we will be studying during Junior camp tabernacle). Joshua is a cool book, and especially in the last chapter, we get to see the Israelites being faithful to God.

In Joshua 24, Joshua’s time of leadership is coming to a close. He assembles all the people and walks them through a brief history of everything that has happened since the time of Abraham. Really what he’s doing is proving how faithful God has been to the people of Israel. All of their victories were only because of His provision and goodness. Joshua then invites the people to serve the Lord wholeheartedly. The people choose to follow the way of life — the way of the Lord: “We too will serve the Lord, because he is our God” (24:18). Of course, we know this doesn’t last for long because the book of Judges is a hot mess. But, God is continually faithful to His people and invites them to Himself. Here, they acknowledge God as their God, throw away the foreign gods, and choose to follow the way of life. It’s a pretty uplifting and remarkable way to end this book. Joshua is then buried and verse 31 says: “Israel served the Lord throughout the lifetime of Joshua and of the elders who outlived him and who had experienced everything the Lord had done for Israel.” The people choose to serve God and follow Him. They acknowledge Him as the provider of everything they have and the one who gains the victory over their enemies.

God is a good Father. He punishes the people for their sin, but is also for them and invites the people to Himself. Ultimately, He did this through Yeshua. When we mess up (and the Israelites messed up a TON), God still loves us and chooses us. How cool is that!

I’ll see you guys so soon! Praying for you!



Adventure Camp Scouting Trip!

Hey Camp Gilgal!

On Wednesday and Thursday last week, Sox, Sitruce and I went on the adventure camp scouting trip. Guys. This trip is bonkers. And by bonkers I mean ridiculously beautiful and crazy fun.

On Wednesday we checked out some different campsites to stay in. We found a really beautiful one with big sites for our tents and food, a pool, fields, some nice hikes, a lake, and a really quirky mini golf park. I think it’s gonna be a great home base after long, fun days.

This year, the focus of our trip is rock climbing, but we didn’t actually go to scout that out since we’ve done it in past years. Nonetheless, it will be awesome.

Okay, now onto my favourite part – the hikes! The hikes we scouted out are gorgeous, challenging (in a good way!) and so much fun. At certain points I was galloping through all of the nature because I was so joyful and having such a good time. Here is a picture of me passing out from the beauty (don’t worry I’m okay, it was all in good fun):


This was our first hike, which was around a lake with some stellar views. At one point, I said “hey, what’s that noise?” and Sitruce said “… I think it’s just quiet.” It was so peaceful, and so great to escape the constant noise of the city for a little while.

Our second hike definitely took the cake. It was called the “Ice Caves”… dun dun dun. The name says it all, we got to hike through caves that were still icy from the winter! They probably won’t be icy once adventure camp rolls around, but the air inside the caves was so fresh and crisp. It was a crazy hike and definitely a good workout. The caves were just so cool I couldn’t believe it (if you can’t tell I’m a huge fan of trees and nature and this trip was just the best time ever). I also found an inukshuk on this hike which made my Canadian heart happy.

So there you go, a little taste of what’s to come this year at Adventure Camp. I don’t want to give you too many details and spoil the fun of the unknown ;)

I’m so stoked for Adventure Camp 2018 and I hope you are too!

Enjoy the rest of these photos & get pumped! If you want to see more photos, follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook.