Post Adventure Thoughts

What time is it? Not adventure time! (At least, not anymore) This year of Adventure camp was In-Tents! Between the excellent food and the awesome hikes/rock climbing I am so ready to coma for at least a week. Shout out to all you Adventure Campers – you were amazing! You were ready for anything and willing to try all sorts of fun new things, but my favorite part of camp was getting to know all of you over the course of our week together. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little glad to be back in civilization though – and a lot appreciative of the comforts of home. For example, air conditioning. Also for example, refrigerators.

I’m sitting back at the office now; we’re going to be packing up the rest of the adventure camp equipment and winding down from our Camp Gilgal 2k15 summer session which is bittersweet. I feel so lucky that I was able to play a small part in giving you a week full of memories and an opportunity to grow in your faith. We learned things about Jonah that we didn’t previously consider, and learned what repentance is, but most importantly we got a glimpse of how great (and unwarranted) Gods mercy really is. We’d love to hear back from you guys about what your favorite part of camp was, what meal you thought was the greatest, something you thought or learned during our time in Jonah, or even which of your muscles are the most sore. I have a bunch of memories that I particularly enjoy, like listening to the rain from inside the tent during that crazy thunderstorm, or when we saw those adorable and mischievous little raccoons and they poked their heads out from around a tree (so cute!), oh! And when Lydia was climbing that wall on the first day that the guides said was a little too hard but we could try anyway. She got so high! I’m going to miss all you guys a ton and I hope to see you on the skype hangouts (which will start the end of August).

Junior & Teen Camp Reflections

I meant to put this up before we left for adventure camp but that didn’t happen, so here’s my belated post Jr/Teen thoughts:

Wow. It doesn’t feel like we’ve been through 3 weeks of camp already! I am so glad you guys decided to share a part of your summer with Gilgal, and I miss you all terribly a lot. Sox, Beardo, Strings, and I are all back at the branch and everything from Jr and Teen camp is all stowed away and not filling up our office area anymore. It was a mountain of stuff all over the desks and floor (not unlike my room)! I hope everyone has been able to recuperate at least somewhat; I know that I personally could sleep for days and still be ready for a nap. We are going to be putting up the gazette articles you all wrote starting sometime after adventure camp, so be ready! We’d love to hear more from you too, what your favorite thing about camp this year was, a story or adventure that happened while you were here, something from your devotions that really meant something to you, or even what song you liked best from worship or at campfire.

Camp has always been an important part of my life and each year that I get to come back as staff is such a blessing. Being the intern this summer gave me a new level of appreciation for everything that goes into making it the amazing experience that it is. I loved all the things we got to do together – like at Junior Camp helping you guys in craft and Hebrew, and dropping in on each group on the campout night. Or at Teen camp when my group went on the hike in Thatcher Park, and let us not forget the Decathalon… when we doing the challenge where we weren’t allowed to move and then there was a snake and we thought they were joking, but there was actually a snake! Haha.

I hope all of your summers are going well and I can’t wait to see you next year (or maybe even winter weekend or ingathering!)