Sitruce Blog #4

Hi Camp Gilgal! This is Sitruce! Strings and I just got to Camp two days ago and it’s been great! When we got here, we had time to unload the van before going to dinner. After dinner, we unpacked, set up our bunks and settled in.  We realized that we had forgotten to bring some things.

We don’t want that to happen to you, so here are some things you should remember to bring: flashlight, socks, an extra sweater/hoodie, Chapstick, raincoat, and your watch. Go through all your stuff a second time and make sure you didn’t forgot anything!

I was able to take morning jog yesterday morning which was beautiful. Camp Gilgal is high up on a mountain and when you get to the look-out points (like Sunset and the Lean-to) you can see lots of towns and big white clouds underneath you.

A view from my run!
A view from my run!

We set up the Staff Cabin (no campers allowed!) yesterday and then I went exploring. Cautionary tale, I started going down a path into the woods. After some time I realized that there wasn’t a path anymore and I was just wandering around in the forest, I was lost! Good thing I have a good sense of direction and I was able to get out of there. (Strings insert: Don’t wander down paths in the forest by yourself!) Then I went down to check out the canoes, I took a nice walk around the lake and even saw a turtle along the way! I forgot my bug spray (is bug spray on your list?) so it was pretty buggy, don’t forget your bug spray!

The weather has been really nice so far, very sunny and warm.  But it did get pretty cold last night, so I’m glad I brought my sleeping sweater with me.

This is Clarence. He is a cactus that wears a hat. He is cool.

Strings brought a friend with her to camp, his name is Clarence and he is a cactus. We have been taking pictures with him on camp to show campers and parents some important parts of camp! The rest of the staff will be coming today before dinner, I can’t wait to see everyone! Before then we have some more set up to do and some last minute details to finish.



Clarence remembered his bug spray.
Clarence remembered his bug spray.

Getting Ready

Hi Camp Gilgal Family,

It’s RedSox here and in one week we’ll be done with our first dinner together, camper orientation, and settling in to our first night’s activities. Your cabin groups will have picked tribe names and you’ll be working to get to know your tribe’s campers and staff.

I don’t now about you…but I CAN’T WAIT!

At staff training every year we tell the staff that a day at camp is like two weeks anywhere else. There is a very weird and awesome time warp that happens at camp that means that by the time we’re having our second dinner together we’ll feel like all of these new people we just met have been our friends forever!

Tomorrow Strings and Sitruce leave for camp and will do some preparation to get things ready for the rest of the staff to come on Wednesday. Beardo, Scooter, Anonymous, Watson, Squid, Mochi, Pixel, Indiana Jones, Shark Bait, and a few others and I will be at camp starting Wednesday. Sneezy will join us Thursday after she graduates from High School (Mazel Tov Sneezy!) and Jalapeno, Gato, and one more to be named arrive on Saturday.

This is my favorite time of year. The waiting, the getting ready and excited with the staff, and then most of all…when THE CAMPERS ARRIVE!

We’ll be posting at least once a day here, on facebook, and on instagram. Keep in touch with us! Pray for us! Send your campers and staff mail. We love to hear from you, and we can’t wait to share with you all that God is doing in and through Camp Gilgal 2016!!!

Mailing Address:

Camp Gilgal East


621 Pinnacle Rd

Voorheesville, NY 12186


See ya soon!


Sitruce Blog #3

Hey guys, Sitruce here! I can’t believe camp is only 1 week away! Strings and I will be driving up to camp in 4 days to prepare everything we need before staff training, which starts on Wednesday the 29th. Here at the office RedSox, Strings and I have been finishing things up and wrapping up our work in the office. Tomorrow night I’ll start packing for camp which can get a little crazy.

Let me give you some advice; the first thing you want to do is look at the Junior Camp What to Bring List or Teen Camp What to Bring List and have it close. Next, it is very helpful to go through the list and cross things off once you’ve put it into your suitcase. Once you’ve done that you should probably try to fit in another sweater/sweatshirt or two because camp gets pretty cold in the mornings. Finally, one thing the list doesn’t mention is theme nights for Junior Camp! I suggest you bring some of your wackiest and craziest clothes that you can use for theme nights.

I remember my favorite theme night as a camper was backwards night. I wore my pants as a shirt and my shoes on different feet and I even put a watch a around my ankle. During dinner, Twister asked me get up and tell us the time. It took me a while to try to get my ankle close enough to my face to tell the time. It was pretty funny. . .

We have a couple of fun theme nights planned for this summer so get ready Camp Gilgal! This summer some of the theme nights we have planned is a 4th of July theme night so bring your red white and blue! We are also doing Ninja’s & Pirates and fashion disaster night. There will probably be an animal night of some kind, and even a superhero night. Get ready to get crazy!

Before leaving for camp remember to give the Camp Gilgal address to your friends and family so you can get lots of letters! Packages are ok, but better if they don’t have food in them–we can’t have food in the cabins! The camp address is written below. Last and definitely not least start getting excited for camp, I know I am! I can’t wait to see all of you! Next time I write it will be from camp, see you soon Camp Gilgal!


Camp Gilgal

Attn: Your name

621 Pinnacle Rd

Voorheesville, NY 12186

Checking in with Sitruce

Hello Camp Gilgal!

This is Sitruce with an update on Camp Gilgal preparation for this summer! There are about 4 weeks left till junior camp begins (Wahoo!) and all our preparation is starting to come together. Strings and I have been spending the last couple of days working on junior & teen camp scheduling as well as thinking of super fun activities to do for both teen and junior camp. I have also been focusing on trying to put all the field trip information together for both camps, the trips sound pretty awesome so far.

Last week RedSox and I went on a 3 day scouting trip of the Delaware River which we will be canoeing this year at adventure camp! The river was beautiful and peaceful and we saw lots of cool things along the way. We saw a lot of ducks some usual and some very unusual. We saw lots of fish and 2 bald eagles. I remember doing the canoe trip as a camper and I loved it.

For my Canoe trip as an Adventure Camper, we went down the Allegheny River. That time, the trip to the river took 9 hours! The good thing about this trip is that the canoe place is only an hour and a half away! My canoe trip was also a little different because for mine the campsites we stayed at weren’t actual campsites they were just pieces of open land on islands. This year the river has marked campsites along the way which makes it a little easier for us.

The biggest and most important difference between these two trips was that this year some of the campsites have bathrooms! This will be my first time as staff for adventure camp and I’m very excited to see how different is to be staff rather than camper.  I’m also really excited to spend time with the campers in this different and beautiful environment and experience God’s creation all around us. Some important things to keep in mind about the area; the ground around the campsites can become very muddy and swampy so water shoes are a must if you don’t want to lose your shoe! Also, don’t forget sunscreen and a hat– it’s going to be nice and hot! There are still some spots open for adventure camp, register soon!