Junior Camp Photo Booth

We’ll start posting installments from the Gilgal Gazette after Labor Day, but to tide you over, here are some of the photos from the Junior Camp party photo booth. The rest are over on Facebook.IMG_4881IMG_4925IMG_4902IMG_4932IMG_4887 Enjoy!

Sitruce Thoughts: The end of the internship

Hey Camp Gilgal! Sadly this is my last time blogging as the Camp Gilgal 2016 intern. This internship has been so great and I’m so happy that I was given this opportunity to give back to Camp and be such a big part of Camp Gilgal this summer. I’ve learned to appreciate the hard work of RedSox, Strings, and Beardo a whole lot more over these past few months. I’m really thankful to RedSox for the time she took to mentor me in the Bible and teach me the ins and outs of Camp. Throughout these couple of months I’ve learned a lot about living alone, trusting God, and being Jewish. I really enjoyed living in the city, I took lots of beautiful walks and saw some very interesting people, but I also learned to appreciate my crazy house full of people more than ever before. I’m so thankful that I was able to spend this summer with Jews for Jesus and not as an H&M cashier, which was my original plan for the summer.

Being here enabled me to spend a lot more time in the Word which I had not been making time for the past year and it was something I really needed. I have been able to give my troubles to the Lord and trust that He will help me get through everything. Finally, being the intern allowed me to be part of some of the everyday Jews for Jesus things such as staff meeting and writing postcards. I’ve learned about how special it is to not only be Jewish but be a Jew for Jesus. We are a special people, set apart from everyone else to be used by God. The work of Jews for Jesus is really awesome and I’m glad my connection with JFJ doesn’t end this summer. Thanks to RedSox I’ll be continuing in the student program for JFJ this fall/winter! I’ll be living at the branch while going to school and helping out around the branch for a couple hours a week. I’m really excited about this opportunity and I’m excited to see what God has next in store for meIMG_1405.


Sitruce Thoughts: Adventure Camp

Hello Camp Gilgal family! This is Sitruce, again!

I am back at the NYC branch still getting used to using a real bathroom and sleeping in a real bed after adventure camp. Adventure camp was so awesome this summer! We went canoeing on the Delaware River! We spend the first night of camp, Sunday, in the city. We did a little exploring, packing, and pre adventure camp preparation. Monday morning we were off to the river. We picked up our canoes and were on the water pretty early Monday morning. It took some time getting used to paddling again and it was the first time for some people. Everyone did really well though, we all did a good job of staying together. The plan was to go about 10 miles the first day but by the time it was time to start looking for campsites to settle down, we couldn’t find any! The trees had overgrown and the signs for the campsites weren’t visible from the water. We ending up having to canoe 6 more miles to finally find a campsite. We did half the trip in one day! God provided us with enough daylight so we were able to find a campsite, thank you Jesus! We were all exhausted, we set up camp very quickly, had delicious chili, and went straight to bed. The next day we were still pretty tired so we decided to have a chill day and not canoe day. It was really fun to hang out and get to know everyone better! The next day we canoed about 6 miles, and the last day we canoed about 11. Thursday was our last canoe day and we stayed at a campsite near the river. This campsite had showers which were AMAZING! Overall the trip was a huge success, we saw three bald eagles, a couple of very big hawks, and a number of other colorful big birds/ animals. This canoe trip was extra special because we didn’t have go to the bathroom in the woods a single time! We studied 1 Peter throughout our trip which I found very interesting and very encouraging. This adventure camp was my last time being a camper and I’m so thankful that I was able to be part of it because it was just so much fun!

TAWG guide for Thursday and Friday

Here are the TAWG guides for Thursday and Friday! Hope to see you on Skype at 2PM

Thursday, August 4th
Text: Colossians 4:5-6; Galatians 5:22-23
What’s the big idea?

Depending on the translation, Paul says that we live with outsiders or unbelievers. Why are unbelievers considered outsiders? Outsiders often have a negative connotation, but how does Paul say that they should be answered? What does it mean to be treated respectfully?
How does Paul say we should be living among the world?
Where does wisdom come from?
Galations 5:22-23 (also known as the fruit of the Spirit) talks about what to focus on in your life. What does Paul mean when he says that there is no law against these things? What is one of these attributes you wish you had more of? Pray about it and ask God for more.
Chewing gum thought: Live at peace with each other, even those who are going down a wrong path. Have wisdom about how to answer them about your faith.

Friday, August 5th
Text: Colossians 4:7-18
What’s the big idea?
This is Paul’s signature, where he’s signing off on his letter. Who are some people with him? Are there any people that you’ve heard of before?
Who are some people in your life that have come alongside you to encourage you?
What is Paul’s attitude? How can we have hope even when things seem hopeless and there doesn’t seem to be a way out?
Read Psalm 77:1-12. How does the Psalmist find hope?
When is a time that you’ve seen God’s faithfulness that you can remember when things seem hopeless?
Chewing gum thought: Paul was in chains, but he was not alone. Even in the middle of his suffering, he encouraged and prayed for others.

TAWG Guide for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Here are the TAWG guides for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

Monday, August 1st
Text: Colossians 3:12-17

What’s the big idea?
v. 12-15 Have you ever seen an amazing act of
forgiveness, either to yourself or to someone else?
What happened?

Is there someone who always gets on your nerves?
Often when we pray for the person that drives us crazy,
the annoyance turns into love and we begin to see them
from God’s eyes.

Why should believers live in peace with each other?
If you have a conflict with someone, how should you
handle it? Look at Matthew 18:15-17

v. 16 This verse talks about glorifying God in everything
we do. How can we glorify God in doing mundane
things, like doing homework, chores, and going to

Chewing gum thought: God chose you. Because He
chose you, He asks that we love one another and
forgive each.

Tuesday, August 2nd
Text: Colossians 3:18-4:1
What’s the big idea?

v. 18-21 Parents often quote verse 20 to younger (and older) children, but they often forget verse 21. There is almost always a struggle between parents and children, but God calls children to honor their parents. As a teen, how can you honor your parent even when you think your parents are being unfair?

v. 22-25 God calls us to be obedient to those in authority over us, and to go above and beyond what they ask. Why? Who are people in authority over you?
Is there anyone you are in authority over? How can you treat them with respect?

Chewing gum thought: God is a God of justice and cares for everyone. He wants all to be treated fairly and with respect, whether they are a child, parent, slave, or master.

Wednesday, August 3rd
Text: Colossians 4:2-6
What’s the big idea?

Prayer is very important, but sometimes it is hard. What is prayer? How can we learn how to pray? What do you pray when you can’t find words?

There’s an acronym that people use to help them pray-ACTS.
A-adoration. Who is God? What are aspects of God’s character?
C-confession. Confession isn’t something that is done on special occasions or when we’ve really messed up, but should be done daily. Don’t hold on to your guilt, give it to God.
T-Thanksgiving. Thank God for all He has done.
S-supplication- Tell God your needs and wants. God cares and wants to know. Who are people that you can be praying for? Pray for you family, the people in your cabin, and friends