Gilgal Gazette Junior Camp 2018 Installment 2

Meaghan S.


Tribe: Issachar

What Would Camp Be Like If I Was A Counselor?

Being a camper at Camp Gilgal is pretty fun, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a counselor? Well, I’m pretty sure we all have, so what if I myself were to be a counselor? Knowing me, the possibilities are endless. Let’s start with tabernacle. First of all, during worship I would probably sound like a person trying to audition for an opera and failing miserably, which would probably sound like this: “AAAAHHHHH”-*coughing, literally choking* and this is why I don’t sing loud. When we read the bible about a chapter I’m really into, I would be listening and helping campers find their page in their bible. This next area is somewhere that Camp Gilgal goes often: campfire. When we sing songs I would probably sing like a baby bird asking me for food. It would sound like this: CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAK (give me food right now woman)!! During campfire talk every time I agreed with something that someone said, I would say “AMEN TO THAT!!”This last area and time is my favourite: F.O.B.. F.O.B is the best time because it is a time to chill out.

As a counselor I think it would be twice as marvelous because I would be even more tired than I usually am, therefore I can enjoy it even more. Welcome to my ending. Thank you for reading this weird story on me as a future counselor.

Cole K.



Ninja Heist

Hi my name is Cole! The all camp activity I will be telling you about today is Ninja Heist. I really like Ninja Heist, it is so fun because I like getting tagged! So in the game there are 2 teams. 1 are ninjas and 2 are guards. We switch off teams. If you are the ninjas you run to get the treasure. If you are the guards you try to tag the ninjas and bring them to jail. The rules are away from the jail and no hiding the flag under the grass. One time, someone caught me. Ninja heist is so fun you should come to Camp Gilgal to play it. Ninja Heist is great if you like to tag and if you like to get tagged. Just like in Capture the Degel, the person who tags you has to escort you to jail.

In Ninja Heist you get to take turns being ninjas and guards, so you get both kinds of action. Ninja Heist is a game I learned at Camp Gilgal. This is my first summer and I can’t wait to play and come back next year!

Halye G.



Swamp Cows

Every night there’s something in the swamp that makes sounds. My radars (ears) recognized them as cows in the swamp. It is a deep, repeating, echoing MOOO! When we go to the dining hall, I try to bend over to get a peek to see what’s in the swamp while no one’s looking but there are guard’s (counselors) all over (probably to keep us safe!). I hop over rocks to see through the water, but there’s nothing, nothing except for frogs and turtles. Those aren’t the swamp cows! In the night I heard them so I look out my window and there was nothing! I woke up the next morning and there was nothing, no sound at all. I guess I’ll have to stay up all night to understand, or look in the swamp (or find a way to scuba dive to find them) and find the answer to my swamp question.

What do they look like? Do they scare the turtles? Are they really just bullfrogs like my staff said? I’ll just have to keep listening and keep hunting the sneaky swamp cows at Camp Gilgal next year!

Mason C.

Age 7

Tribe of Benjamin

Soccer at Camp Gilgal

This was my first year as a summer camper at Camp Gilgal. One of my favourite activities this year was soccer. While I was playing soccer I enjoyed getting hit in the face two different times. Both times I was running after the ball. Luckily I didn’t get hurt… it was just funny! One of my favourite things was being goalie. I really enjoy being goalie because I can stop the ball from going into the goal. I feel happy and accomplished when I stop the ball. My favourite part about soccer was playing defence and blocking the ball. It was my 2nd time playing soccer and I had lots of fun.It was a great activity!

Vivian K.

Age: 10


Interviewing Aylo

Hi my name is Vivian. I am 10 years old and in the tribe of Naphtali. I’m going to be interviewing Aylo who is also 10 and in the same tribe as me. Aylo decided to become a camper because she went to WWW and had fun and also wanted to learn more about God. Her favourite book of the Bible is Psalms. Aylo’s favourite A.T.L. is Skidoo.

Her favourite candy is KitKats and that’s what she wants her counselor name to be. I can picture myself saying “sup KitKat”… one day! Ohh so precious. Aylo is going into 5th grade. Aylo’s favourite activity at camp is boating. Her favourite meal at camp is lunch. Her best friends are: me, Halye and Ava. In her free time she likes to draw. She told me that campfire and tabernacle make her closer to God. She says campfire talks are very inspiring. She likes the worship songs in tabernacle. That is all I have to say about the amazing Aylo!

Michelle B.



Take Me Out To the Ball Game

‘Twas a dark and stormy day, we were all sluggish and it was pouring outside. Everyone was sitting in the Mishkan drenched and dead looking. Suddenly, Sneezy stepped into the light and said “Camp Gilgal we’re going on a field triiiip!” It was great, we thought it would continue raining but it didn’t! This year we went to a baseball game of the Valleycats v.s Lake Monsters and let me just tell you-Beardo was the only person who was actually watching the game. However, I was having just as much fun since I was talking and laughing with the people next to me.

I was sitting next to Hoops, Sarah and Isaac, and we were basically just laughing the whole time. It’s times like those that make camp fun because you get to spend time and get closer with people from camp. Because of the field trip, the 4 of us have a TON of inside jokes. Ok-fun’s over, the game’s done, Valleycats won (which was very surprising) time to go back to camp, but wait… all of a sudden BOOM SSS KAPOW! We look up and see beautiful huge fireworks! They were so close and I wish I could explain how amazing of a moment it was but it’s just one of those things where you have to be there to understand. Whites, reds, blues, oranges, the sky was bursting with colour and the crowd was filled with oohs and aahs. Basically, I loved the field trip, and it’s one of my favourite memories from camp.


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