First Full Day of Teen Camp

Right now we are hearing staff testimonies and then will head over to the pool for swim time. It is amazing what a difference a week makes and what a difference good weather makes. During junior camp  it started out freezing and there was only one day where it didn’t rain! Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are clear and in the 90s. 

We had activities this morning and are looking forward to water games and the decathlon later this afternoon.

Our tabernacle lessons this year are from the book of Acts and we are talking about belief and doubt and confidence. Please pray with us and for us as we are being challenged to ask hard questions of God.

Teen camp is a totally different speed than junior camp and both are favorites!
More soon,


Update from the second week

We started week 2 of camp with laundry day and a sleep out. The tribes are starting to come together and they are making great strides forward memorizing our memory verse for junior camp Psalm 147:1-11. Some of the campers are working through it so quickly that we needed to give them new bonus verses!

Today has been a day where the campers are getting comfortable with one another and even starting to bicker with one another. Tomorrow is field trip day and then junior camp is so close to being over I can’t believe it!

Can’t wait for you to hear all about it from your kids, they are awesome (but you already know that!)


Shabbat Shalom from Camp Gilgal

We had a great Shabbat service tonight. Strings shared with us tonight from the parsha for the week–Balak. It’s the talking donkey parsha again…I love it when it falls during camp!

This has been an amazing first week of camp, it is incredible how quickly each years’ campers and staff gel and create their own unique culture within the larger Camp Gilgal culture. 

I hope that you’ve been checking out the Facebook page and the instagram account. Comment and let us know what kind of updates you’d like more of. 

Shabbat shalom! Tomorrow we are having an Israeli Day Shabbat and we will be getting some history and learning some songs and eating new foods. We can’t wait to show you some more photos!


Horse Day Recap–Thursday

Today has been a great day! All of the kids rode horses through the day and we had a whole day on a totally different schedule. Campers spent the day in groups that weren’t just their tribe and with staff other than their own–it was nice to have a little bit of a change of pace from the usual. Everyone had a chance to climb the rockwall, to ride a horse, to write letters home (coming soon to your mail box!), to complete a photo scavenger hunt, and to play field games. Right now the kids are all playing capture the degel and then there will be an early lights out–everyone seems ready for bed!

Tomorrow we’ll have a normal day up through the start of shabbat and then we’ll celebrate together. Saturday we’ll have an Israeli theme day and do a mix of Hebrew activities and activities celebrating the 4th of July. The weather was amazing today! It finally hit 75 degrees and we had a day without rain, it finally feels like summer! There isn’t any rain in the forecast for the next 4 days and we are praying that that is accurate.

In Tabernacle we’ve been talking about the lead up to the Israelites going into exile and today we talked about God’s instructions to the exiles in their 70 year time out. The kids all seem to be moving through their memory verses at break neck speed–we had to assign a bonus memory verse this morning!

Please keep sending your campers mail! Today we had to have 3 rounds of singers for packages–8 in all! Give RedSox a call if you don’t have the address 347-882-2178.

Will update again soon. Thanks for praying and thanks for sharing your awesome kids with us!

Lila Tov,