5 Ways Camp Changes the World

5 Ways Camp Changes the World

Now that it’s March and the weather is getting warmer (currently in my hopes and dreams since it was 16F when I walked to work this morning, but I’m trusting it will in actual life too), my thoughts shift more and more to the summer.

I read this blog post this morning. Look at the link at the top. I wholeheartedly agree with every point the author made. I thought I would add my own comments, from a Camp Gilgal perspective to his 5 points.

#4 We are so busy, it’s hard to create space to reflect. Whether it’s TAWG with Adventure Camp, or a few moments after campfire to linger before Lights Out, there’s time.

#2 Camp opens opportunities for young people to learn leadership skills they may have to wait years before having access to in the more adult world of jobs and internships. What’s wrong with learning great skills while having fun? Isn’t that what most of want anyways? (I say most because I recognize that there are some very serious people out there).

#3 I have had these experiences ONLY at Camp Gilgal: high ropes course, multi-day canoe trip, overnight backpacking trip, made mosaics, made my own belt, built a clock, made a challah plate, played Mission Impossible, played Search and Soak, played Big Ball, played Wells Fargo, had a screaming competition, made mud angels, sat in silence with 30 others staring at the stars… If I were to list the activities I’ve primarily experienced at camp, it would be endless.

#1 With all those experiences, how can you not develop lifelong friendships? (Shout out to: Ben, Naomi, Josiah, Hannah, Tim!)

#5 At Camp Gilgal, I know the course of my life was forever changed. I first was aware of God reaching out and speaking to me at camp. I saw a place where God used my gifts when I began serving as a Tribe Leader. I became sensitive to the Holy Spirit moving in my heart, and enabling me to be empathetic with the campers around me. Camps empower children, teens, and young adults to work in dynamic groups together.