We’re at camp!

Well…the advance team anyway. Yesterday Scooter, Sonic, Beardo, and I (RedSox) made the trek up to Camp from NYC! It thunderstormed on and off the whole way up and then once we got in there was a GIANT thunderstorm at camp. There were the biggest raindrops that I have ever seen and camp even lost power for about an hour! Rain is in the forecast for the next 10 days. So here is a reminder: PLEASE PACK RAIN GEAR!

We are settling in slowly, but it sure feels good to be back at camp! Last night for dinner we had mixed vegetables and chicken; for breakfast we had great scrambled eggs, fruit salad, and amazing pastries that Chef makes; and for lunch we had grilled cheese and tomato soup and bonus: quesodillas!
This is already shaping up to be a tasty summer.

While we were moving in and getting the staff room set up, we made a sweet discovery. There is a family of baby birds that is living on the side of Blewish’s cabin! Someone at camp took a look at them and told us that they are some kind of swallow–probably barn swallows. We tried to take pictures of them, but the nest is too close to the roof line to get a good photo, but this gives you an idea. We’ll try to get photos of them and keep posting about our baby birds, we think that there are at least 4!swallow 1mama bird

Tomorrow we’ll be joined at camp by: Twister, Strings, BabyCarrots, Bologna, Nature Valley, Wolf, Watson, and a few staff who have yet to be named. You’ll be hearing from different parts of the group as the sessions of camp continue. This weekend we’ll get the last few staffers and the campers too. Please be praying for the staff that we would quickly get adjusted to the camp schedule and that we would have an increasing amount of energy to play once the campers are here. Please be praying for the campers that they would be getting excited for camp and that they they would come ready to hear from God. East Coast Camp Gilgal 2013 is almost here and I can’t wait!