Great Second Day!

The weather for the 4th of July and the second full day of camp could not have been better! The sun was out but not too hot (we’re all doing a good job of wearing sunscreen and reminding each other to wear sunscreen!) We had scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, hash browns, and bagels for breakfast; quesadillas and a choice of tomato soup, corn chowder, or smurf mushroom soup (it was blue!); and then for dinner we had a taco bar.

The kids are coming along well designing their crafts and campers are getting their alef-bets approved from Beardo. Hiking, a run, archery, rockwall, and boating activities all went well and the pool time was a real highlight.

After campfire we stayed up at Sunset to watch the sunset and to watch all of the area fireworks displays. Squid shared with us about prayer and we took some time to “give props to Jesus” about the things we saw or had experienced today. We’re having a ton of fun with your kids, they’re great! But you knew that already!

Lila Tov Camp Gilgal Families,


Hello from the Mom at Camp.


I would like to introduce myself. I’m Jalapeno, the Craft Teacher, and your official Camp Gilgal East “Camp Ima”. Many of you might already know me from last year, but for those who don’t; Hello, thanks for entrusting us with your kids and joining the Camp Gilgal Family. You might be asking yourself, “Wait a minute, you call yourself the ‘Camp Ima’, what is a ‘Ima’ and how is that so?” Ima means “Mom” is Hebrew, and I earned the title of Camp Ima because I, like you, am a proud parent. Last year was my first year at camp, and I brought my two sons (Gato, 5 and Spitzy, 1) along to join me in the Gilgal experience. We all had a blast, which is why both Spitzy and I are back this year, teaching craft and spending time with your lovely kiddos.

Me (on the far left), my two boys, and Red Sox 

As a fellow parent, I felt it would be nice to write to you throughout junior camp and provide you with a parental point of view of all the amazing activities and adventures at Camp Gilgal this year. I know it can be hard sending your precious babies away for 2 weeks without being able to have a quick check in visit or even a phone call. Actually, this year I too had to say goodbye to my oldest, Gato, as he is staying back home with his father and attending a local camp for kindergartners. But, just as I trust he will have fun without me, trust that your sons and daughters are having the time of their lives and are learning more and more about the Lord with every lesson, song, and friendship. In just the few days of camp, I have seen many of your youngsters show kindness to a new friend, learn a Hebrew word or two (or five!), and discover something new about their God.

It has been a pleasure to introduce myself to you, and I can’t wait to share more about camp as your own personal “Camp Ima”. And just in case you were wondering…. all your kids are safe and healthy, eating their vegetables, and brushing their teeth. ;)