Adventure Camp Wrap Up

Hi everyone!

And just like that I’m in the last week of my internship :( This has been one of the most transformative, enriching summers of my life and I feel so incredibly lucky to have served in this way at camp. The Camp Gilgal family is truly remarkable, and I’m so grateful to God for providing me with this community. I’ll write another blog post soon (probably once I return home and have some time to reflect) all about my internship, but for now, let’s talk about adventure camp because it was an IN-TENTS week (good pun, eh?).

Here’s a brief wrap: On Sunday, after packing up our things, we drove to our campsite and got settled in. We ate RedSox’s famous annual first night of adventure camp chilli… which was delish as always. Monday was our first day of rock climbing which was  challenging but ridiculously fun. We even had the opportunity to rappel and do some more challenging climbs. Sadly our second day of rock climbing on Wednesday got rained out… but after drying off and buying fresh socks we spent the day playing games and chillin’. On Tuesday and Thursday we did some hiking and swimming at Minnewaska State Park. Sitruce, Pamplemousse and Hannah come to this park almost every summer so it was great to have people with us who knew the trails well. On Friday we headed back to the city, unpacked, took delightful (and much needed) showers, and proceeded to eat Dig Inn on the High Line. On our last day of camp (boooo) we slept in, had a homemade brunch feast, finished up our bible study in the book of Jonah, and watched Moana.

The food at adventure camp was incredible, and I’m personally convinced everything tastes better when you’re in the woods. From tomato soup, to Taco Tuesday, to Indian food, pasta and meatballs… plus delicious lunch bowls, energizing breakfasts, and plentiful snacks, we were certainly well fed. Shoutout to RedSox for being an amazing chef!

Adventure camp always reminds me how important it is to work as a team. Camping is a lot of work, but when we all contribute it makes life in the woods enjoyable and fun. The Camp Gilgal family becomes even stronger when we’re out in the wild ;) Adventure camp is an awesome distraction free week to be with one another and to spend time alone with the Lord reflecting on His word. It’s so refreshing to be removed from things like Instagram and Facebook and really focus in on community and deepening our relationships with God. It was a super restful week. We read the book of Jonah throughout the week and talked about God’s pursuit of Jonah, even though he was intentionally running away from God. The same kind of love God pursued Jonah with is the same kind of love he pursues each one of us with, which is pretty incredible if ya ask me!  Jonah is such an interesting book and God’s unrelenting character, mercy and love is made really clear through Jonah’s story. Although it was a damp week… Adventure Camp 2018, you treated us well. Now it’s time to wrap up my internship! I’ll write again soon!

In Him,



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