First 30 hours or so of camp

The first full day of camp is always eventful as campers and staff get to know one another and begin to settle in. This year was even more extreme because we’ve been in the middle of an obscene heat wave-97 degrees yesterday, and mid 90s with a breeze today! The campers have been diligently filling their water bottles and we’ve been pacing our time outdoors. This evening we played water games and as I type this…it’s raining! I’m so thankful for the cool breeze blowing through the cabins as the campers sleep and am looking forward to a slight chill in the morning air!

Last night the campers made tribe flags and we had our first campfire. Today the campers chose activities, started on their drum craft, and took their swim test. The Gilgal store is stocked with flashlights, stamps, water bottles, and extra toiletries and we had many campers avail themselves of the necessities tonight. Tomorrow is a pretty normal day in camp and we’ll end it with a campfire. The campers got their memory verses today (Psalm 46) and we invite you to be learning it with us-what a reminder that God is our refuge and strength!

Lilah Tov Camp Gilgal Family!



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