WWW recap and photos!

Hi Camp Gilgal fami-mily! I can’t believe it’s only been a week since I saw some of you at WWW! If you’re missing camp right now, don’t worry, I’m in the same boat. So, to lift all of our spirits in this mid-winter and post-camp gloom, I thought I’d pop on here today and share some photos featuring all of your amazing smiles (all the photos are on Flickr, btw) as well as a weekend recap!

Friday: Sox and I left in the morning to make our way to Bear Creek. On our way, we picked up all the snacks and materials for our superhero colour war! We got there, set up, and then the campers arrived! After taking some time to settle into our cabins, we played “Never Have I Ever,” the blinking game, we ate dinner, had our Shabbat service where we did our liturgical service, worshipped, and talked about the Purim story, and then we settled down for the night. Day 1 = success!

Saturday: So much happened on Saturday… I’ll try to do it justice! After eating our delicious breakfast (all the meals were fantastic!), we spent the rest of the morning playing gaga ball and in our Bible lessons. I loved looking at Psalm 19 because it reminded me how great and powerful our God is — he is the Creator of the universe yet He loves each one of us SO much. He shows us His love through His creation and through His laws. The afternoon was our SUPERHERO COLOUR WAR! In our teams (yellow, red and blue) we came up with our superhero backstories, a theme song, created our superhero mascot, and played superhero dash and shenanigans. It was SO fun! We had FOB, dinner, our Havdallah service, and then we watched the Incredibles! Day 2 = rad!

Sunday: Tabernacle, our final lessons and activities, pack up time, lunch, and then time to go home!

I hope this was a nice little refresher of the weekend. We miss you and are praying for you always! Don’t forget — registration for the summer is open! If you had fun at WWW, register early, and register often. Now enjoy some photos…

In Yeshua,




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