Horse Day Photos and recap

Woah, sorry parents–it’s been a few days since we had a full recap. Saturday we intended to have horse day, but due to weather we swapped it and made it all camp activity fun day and sent the ATLs and Jalapeno off camp to make sure that we got clean laundry. Yesterday the weather could not have been more perfect and we had an excellent horse day as well as Gazette writing session with our editor Sneezy, a delicious cookout lunch prepared by Jalapeno, and an Israeli Day scavenger hunt and snacks prepared by Beardo. We tackled the book of Leviticus and the idea of holiness in Tabernacle yesterday and today we kicked off the book of Numbers. Over the weekend we had visits from special guests Ruski, Scooter, and Watson. Saturday night our campfire talk was from Sitruce and she shared about learning to trust and obey our parents. Indiana Jones shared last night at campfire about Joseph, Moses, and Job and that we’re never as alone or as forgotten as we might feel-but that God is always with us. We’re having a great time and we can’t believe that we’re already in the second week. The time to return your campers to you is going to come too soon!!!

I hope that you’ll enjoy these photos and we’ll keep updating here and on instagram and on facebook. Happy Monday! ~ RedSox


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