2016 Gazette Teen Installment 7

Name: Penina S

Age: 13

Tribe: Asher


Tabernacle is a time in camp where we all get together and worship. My favorite part is the music. Because I get to participate in leading it. In teen camp teens who volunteer to be on the worship team can do so. It feels like you’re part of the community when you are on the worship team. Everyone is praising the Lord with you. The songs are really fun and are easy to learn. One of the camp favorites is “Prince of Peace” because it has a really cool part where the chorus splits into “boys” and “girls”. After the music portion we have the camp director, RedSox, talk about the Bible and teach us about it. Somethings I learned about in tabernacle was that God could take a bad person (Saul/ Paul) and forgive them and give them a second chance. There is hope for everyone. Tabernacle is in the evening which is nice because it is peaceful and everyone is really tired. Tabernacle is a time when all of camp gets together to worship God.

Name: Gavyn R.

Age: 13

Tribe: Benjamin

Movie Night

Shalom, I am Gavyn. I am related to three of the staff at Camp Gilgal and I will be writing about movie night. For one movie night is the one night where we a watch a movie chosen by the staff. The staff make sure the movie is appropriate before playing it. It is a relaxing night where you can sit with friends and eat lots of snacks from candy to fruit. There is all kind of food. But, But! You have to make sure to take your fair share. After the movie we will be dismissed to bed, I must add you don’t have to go to the movie. You can sleep if you wish to. I must remind you, the movie is very random. It can be old like the Lion King or new like Star Wars: the Force Awakens. It is my favorite part of Camp Gilgal. That’s all I can say.

Name: Paul G.

Age: 14

Tribe: Issachar

Who’s Hungry

Every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner we get amazing food. Our chef makes awesome dishes that I really enjoy. My favorite breakfast dish has to be between French toast sticks or waffles. I really love having seconds or thirds or fourths on the delicious grub. Besides having water the kitchen crew puts out different drinks. Those drinks include apple or orange juice, and different combos of awesome Kool-Aid like drinks. Wherever a food item runs out, almost immediately another crew member replaces it. I am thankful to God for a very awesome and talented kitchen staff. Out of all the grub I’ve had this place is one of my favorites. So, who’s hungry?

Name: Alyssa C.

Age: 15

Tribe: Simeon


One of the things I look forward to every year at camp, is seeing all my awesome friends. After 8 years of being a Gilgal camper, I’ve made some of the best friends that will last me a lifetime. Sometimes we may be loud and obnoxious but that’s only because we see each other 1-2 times a year and there’s so much to catch up on, especially when they live so far away. We’ve all created a tight bond that leaving camp at the end of the week is so hard. We have created many inside jokes and a ton of laughs together. At camp I look forward the most to little things like the van rides to and from the field trip and chill time because we have all the time to hangout. I always felt like I fit in at camp because my friends are just like me, Jewish believer in Yeshua. This year I have taken every second I can to spend time with everyone because it is my last year as a teen camper and camp gives me a lot of opportunities to do that. I am so sad that this is my last year but I’m looking forward to applying to be a counselor.

Name: Simona B.

Age: 14

Tribe: Simeon

Camp-Out Night at Gilgal

Camp-out night is the best at Gilgal! It all starts out with the drive there. We all got into the 15 passenger vans. It was so fun! We sang, talked, and did Mad Libs. When we finally arrived we unloaded and set up tents. After, we went swimming at the campsite’s pool. The water was so refreshing and nice. We then played Mafia while the staff cooked us dinner. We ate hamburgers, hot dogs, corn, and grilled veggies. It was my favorite meal at camp. After, we made s’mores! They were delicious. It got very cold so we all huddled up by the fire. It was time for bed.  We were in tents of 4 people, 3 campers and 1 staff. We all huddles up in our sleeping bags and talked. It was so fun! After about 5 minutes of talking, we all crashed. Camping out at the campsite was so fun. They take your watches so you can relax and not worry about time for once. It is so relaxing and an awesome experience.



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