2016 Gazette Teen Installment 6

Name: Emily R.

Age: 15

Tribe: Simeon

First Year at Camp Gilgal

My first year at Camp Gilgal was one of the best weeks of my life. At first, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t make any friends and scared about being so far from home. But when I got here I received a warm welcome. I have made some of my best friends here and now I would even consider them my family. The counselors were extremely nice and welcoming to me and everyone I came with from North Carolina. The activities were really fun and I got lots of exercise and sun. My favorite game/activity would either be Scream-O or the Decathlon because everyone was screaming and having so much fun all together. What was really cool was when we went white water rafting and camping. I would like to thank Asher and Elie for basically dragging me here. This week was phenomenal and I wish I could come back to teen camp, but I am also very excited to go to Adventure Camp and be an ATL at Junior Camp next year.

P.S: Asher looks like Harry Styles

Name: Joseph Selch

Age: 15

Tribe: Issachar


The pioneering activities were so much fun! Nature Valley is amazing!  During those activities we got to do stuff like make traps and maps. The most fun thig in the pioneering activities for me was probably building shelter, because we only used what we had around us to build it. Don’t forget to wear closed toes shoes because you go into the woods to get the supplies for these activities. The counselors will tell you that you have to wear closed toes shoes for this activity. You might also get dirty because of the fact that you are grabbing the materials that you need from the ground. We are looking for the items around the trees so we stayed in the shade for these activities. So if you do come to came here and you like getting dirty and having fun I hope you do some of the pioneering activities. I live in NYC so pioneering is a great change for me!

Name: Gracie R

Age: 14

Tribe: Asher


This is my first year at camp Gilgal and it was so fun! One of my favorites was campfire. At campfire we all have a discussion around the fire. It is special because everyone can contribute and say what’s on their mind. This way, everyone gets to contribute to the conversation and learn tons of other things that people think. We have been talking about Paul and it is a great topic to talk about. Everyone gets to stay how God transformed Paul’s life and it gives the rest of us hope for the future. It personally gives me lots of hope. To me, campfire was so special. Instead of just having someone preach to me, I get to contribute to the conversation. On top of that, the view is great!

Name: Rachel M.

Age: 14

Tribe: Asher


Something really special about camp that connects, me especially, to God is the campfires. It’s a place that we really get to open up about our faith without having to care if anyone is judging you- and that’s what I really love. I often think of it as my safe place- a place that feels like family.

Every night we have discussions about topics that we all participate in. These “talks’ really help me get a deeper understanding about who God is and how he’s moving in my life. Something else we do at campfire is sing worship songs. I love doing this because I am free to worship without worrying that people are looking. It’s very peaceful and mellow because its dark and everyone has their own personal connection to God in that moment.


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