2016 Gazette Teen Installment 5

Name: Hannah K.

Age: 13

Tribe: Asher


Camp Gilgal is a lot of fun but one of the main things that I look forward to is the food. In this article I will tell you about my favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner at camp. Camp Gilgal is known for its wonderful, delicious food. I decided to write about food because I just love food. It’s literally the best thing ever. Also I get hungry really fast so food is important to me.

My favorite breakfast was the French toast sticks. However, all the campers love the waffles (including me). I’m pretty sure everyone likes the waffles because you can put whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate chips on the waffles.

It’s time for lunch! At lunch and dinner you have to get vegetables which I don’t mind because I love my veggies. My favorite food at lunch are the smiley fries and I think everyone would agree with me, because it’s the fries that smile back, smiley fries. Dinner is probably my favorite meal. I absolutely love the chicken!

That’s it for now… bon appetite!

Name: Shai K.

Age: 12

Tribe: Benjamin

The Saga of Hiccup

As I arrived back from lunch, I caught a glimpse of Hiccup snoring in Scooter’s hammock all dressed up in his Duck Dynasty shirt and wide shoes that support his flat feet. Hiccup is the best counselor ever. The camp name derives from the Latin, Greek and Hebrew root of hiccupping randomly, because Hiccup is a very random person. He likes to dance and sing randomly. This year we went white water rafting and Hiccup fell out “accidently” every time he could. On the way back from our white water rafting trip he tried to dress up like a gangster. Other than being the most hilarious person at camp, he is a very devoted follower of Yeshua. He loves the book of Job because of Job’s devotion to God even through hardships. He is compassionate about showing people the joy and peace Jesus gives through his life. He has been a counselor for three years. I hope Hiccup stays a counselor until the grand old age of 100.

Name: Abigail O.

Age: 15

Tribe: Simeon

Bible Topics

In teen camp, each camper is assigned three activities that take up our time between breakfast and lunch each day. One of the three activities has to be a Bible topic discussion. Many deep aspects of our faith and God’s word were brought up and there were plenty of opportunities for us to share about our beliefs.

Some of the focuses for our discussions were whether or not you can be a Christian and believe in evolution, what the deal is about Hell, why it is awkward to share your faith, and if we should take the Bible literally or figuratively. These things really got me thinking and helped me see what God is like more clearly. I loved hearing what other people had to say as well as contributing my own convictions and beliefs.

If you have questions about the credibility of the word of God, are just curious about Yeshua, or simply love hearing about peoples’ perspectives about Christianity. I feel that Bible Topics is an essential part of camp and helps people grow in their faith. I personally enjoyed Bible Topics the most out of all the activities and I think you would too!

Name: Nathalia O.

Age: 13

Tribe: Asher

Camp Gilgal

The first year of Camp Gilgal was awesome. I was able to meet so many new people. During worship we were all free to pray and talk to God. All the campers were all so excited for the worship and all the campfires.

There were so many fun activities such as the Decathlon. There were ten games and two teams. My team was called Cucumber Deodorant and the other team was called Meggh! My favorite game was where you had to draw a mural of shaving cream and the worst game was drinking an entire bottle of the nastiest seltzer in the world!

We were all able to talk about how we felt about God and how thankful we were to be at Camp Gilgal.

My favorite part of camp was meeting new friends that have so much in common with me. I will never forget how much of a privilege it was to come to Camp Gilgal.


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