2016 Gazette Teen Installment 3

Name: Josiah O.

Age: 13

Tribe: Benjamin

Camp Out Night!

It was campout night. The entire camp was ready. All the campers split into two groups and got into separate vans and off we went. When we got to the camp out site everyone unpacked their gear and set up tents. Then it was dinner time! After saying the blessings we all dug in. I had three hamburgers, two hot dogs, and an ear of corn and a bag of chips. After dinner we had s’mores and a campfire. Then we all went to sleep in our tents. CAMP OUT NIGHT WAS AWESOME! My favorite part of campout night was the food and s’mores. This was also my first time sleeping in a tent. I cannot wait until next year of teen camp!

Name: Isaiah H.

Age: 14

Tribe: Issachar

Asher Interview

My friend Asher loves playing soccer and he is very chill. He says that his role model is Messi, he says he gives him inspiration and the motivation to keep trying hard in soccer. He especially likes to play soccer during the summer. At home he likes to enjoy a nice cold smoothie. Asher says that he is going to be someone that is very inspirational because he said that the people at camp are inspirational. Also, he feels like camp has brought him closer to God and stronger in faith. He recommends that people should go because it is a great opportunity to have your faith increase through love of God’s word. He hopes to come back next year for his last teen camp year which he is sad about. But he knows camp will leave a positive impact on his life. Asher says that one day he wants to be a counselor to make a positive impact on other people’s lives and spreading the word of God. He is going to miss all of the fun he has had at camp and all of the memories with his friends. Although he loves field trips and free time, he says camp is really all about his faith.

Name: Kaelee F.

Age: 14

Tribe: Simeon

White Water Rafting

Wow! Teen camp is all about the fun of white water rafting! What can be more enjoyable than eight hours on the water? Whether the river is tranquil and peaceful or thrilling with many speedy rapids, you guaranteed to have the time of your life on this special camp tribe. This rafting trip all began with a car ride to Wild Water Outdoor Center located in Warrensburg. There, we readied ourselves for our boating experience by changing into swimwear and borrowing a flotation device, helmet and paddle provided according to individual size. From the Wild Waters base, we took a forty minute bus ride to Adirondack where we divided ourselves into groups of seven or eight campers and staff. We started on our adventure in a blue raft as well as a certified guide to direct the journey.

At first, I was confused about how to paddle and respond to commands such as, “forward one,” “backward two,” and “all forward.” However, after a couple of minutes, we all rowed together in unison. I think we all learned about the intricacy of rafting from our interesting guides. We even stopped at a small beach off the water for lunch, consisting of sandwiches. I have to say the jostling white water rapids were my favorite aspect of the journey because I could feel the extremity of the currents. The last hour of rafting was calm and soothing, which kept us relaxed as we entered the bus to ride back to the base for dinner and gift shopping.


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