2016 Gazette Teen Installment 1

Name: Judah W.

Age: 13

Tribe: Benjamin


The campfire is a really cool and different part of camp. Most camps if they even include a campfire have campfire songs, s’mores, and stories. Not only does Camp Gilgal’s campfire include these things, but they include life lessons taken away from scripture. At the beginning of camp I was pretty shy to share my ideas during Bible discussion, but as I enjoyed camp throughout the week and my faith grew closer to Yeshua it became easier to speak, answer questions and be active in prayer. Not only did I change but I saw others transform through the power of Yeshua. Something about the word changes people’s personalities, and shows their true colors. For example when Alex, a camper, would raise his hand to answer a discussion question he sounded educated and like a true son of God who loved Yeshua; something I didn’t quite expect on first glance—it was great to hear from him and great to get to know him. All together the campfire was something to really look forward to at the end of the day. It’s something that is unique to Camp Gilgal and is a really great aspect of camp, a camper like me can’t get anywhere else.


Name: Asher W

Age: 14

Tribe: Benjamin

Indiana Jones & other true tales of Flexing, Grooviness, & a Russian

Indiana Jones who was born in Russia at a very early age, is a prime example of renaissance manhood. Daring, ripped, & Jewish. A lover of the Infamous “haunted” shower (only infamous due to its lack of light and occasional proverbial spider).

Indy has an incredible sense of humor and even tolerates Elliot’s contortionist jokes, with his shades dangling on his necklace. Indiana leads activities with imperial passion & joy. Even informal nightly flexing where pushups are attempted and muscle progress is analyzed in a nearby mirror, is met with partial exasperation. Indiana is often heard singing Russian love ballads or announcing in his deep voice, Russian to the core, that he ate too much breakfast and is just too full. Indy helps everyone, eats anything, & prays for everyone. His favorite Bible verse is Ephesians 1:5 which describes Gods adoption of believers into the heavenly family. Always happy and sanguine, Indiana a decidedly groovy Jew.

Name: David K

Age: 15

Tribe Issachar

The many hidden talents of Elliot

Life in camp always revolves around several things. One of the most important things is friendship. An example can be my amigo Elliot. He is a wisecracker kid that has many talents. The first talent he has is kvetching. For those who don’t understand what that means, it is actually Yiddish for complaining. This doesn’t mean that he dislikes camp but it is part of his joking personality. It was hysterical when his remarks got so out of hand that he actually had to have a limit for it. Another great example of his talents is singing and music taste. Whenever he and I got bored, we would start singing mostly five musical geniuses which were Frank Ocean, Drake. Outkast, and Kanye West. He insisted that Views by Drake and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West are more than albums but musical masterpieces. All in all Elliot’s a good kid. Sure, he might be a crazy guy but name one that is normal. I’m grateful to have a friend like that. We’ve been campers and friends for a long time and grown together a lot. I’m glad God brought us to camp.


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