2016 Gazette (Junior Benjamin)

Gilgal Gazette Benjamin

Name: Alana F.

Age: 12

Tribe: Benjamin

Go Sox! (RedSox that is)

RedSox is a very nice, kind, inspiring person at camp. I’ve known her for three years and she is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She is like my mom. When I am at camp- whenever I have trouble with something or I miss home I can always count on her to comfort me and support me. Redsox is the director of camp and she does it in a great way. That means she doesn’t need to yell at kids to get things done. She is the Bible teacher in tabernacle and makes things fun and upbeat as she helps us learn about God. Some people can make the Bible really boring, but she makes it really fun. In the morning, she greets us for line up at kikar (the line up spot) with “Boker Tov” and sometimes dental inspection. If you have a project you’re having trouble doing, Redsox will help you focus and get it done (like postcards, Gilgal Gazette, sending letters, learning verses- whatever)! She inspires me and a lot of other campers. If you’ve come to camp you already know she’s awesome, but if you haven’t I hope you come soon!

Name: Faith B

Age: 12

Tribe: Benjamin


Mochi is an ATL at Camp Gilgal. Her camp name is Mochi because Mochi is a Japanese dessert that she loves the taste of. Mochi often likes to fangirl over K-pop (Korean pop music) with Sunshine who is another counselor at Camp Gilgal. Mochi loves South Korea because of its beauty and food. Mochi likes Psalm 106:3 because it serves as a reminder for her to live her life in a Godly manner. Mochi likes reading, she will read anything and everything. Mochi plays violin, viola, and clarinet. Mochi is a very funny counselor and she is very nice. Mochi provides for all your needs (including gummy bears). I picked Mochi for my article topic because she is an awesome ATL (Assistant Tribe Leader) to write about here at Camp Gilgal 2016. She is in my tribe of Benjamin.

Name: Netanya W

Age: 12

Tribe: Benjamin


Almost every night we have campfire. I think campfire is a great way to end the day because at campfire we sing songs, look at the amazing view and talk about God. The first things we do at campfire is sing. There’s an amazing singing act first. There’s a different one almost every night. We sing fun songs with some dance moves. We sing about 3 to 5 songs. The last few are slower songs. The view is amazing. The sky is so pretty. It’s nice to see the pinkish orange sky and the beautiful sunset that God created. Every campfire we have a staff talk about God. We call it campfire talk. At the end of their campfire talk they give campers a choice if they would like to stay back and talk to them if they have any questions or if they would like to head back to their cabins. I love hearing the campfire talks because they help you get closer to God and understand a lot more about God. Also you get to hear how whatever they talked about helped them in their lives. Some of the camp fire talks we have done so far are about trusting God, staying with God through tough times, community, ministry, power of prayer, and my favorite campfire talk was about weakness. It was about how everyone has a weakness, and they may be embarrassed or ashamed of it and it may make them week but God’s power is much bigger and greater than that weakness. That you can walk with that weakness and you’ll be alright because God is with you. Jalapeno did an awesome job! I love campfire because you learn great things and campfire talks support you and help you. You can talk about almost everything because here at Camp Gilgal we’re a family. I’m so happy and thankful I’m in the Camp Gilgal family because camp is where I’m most happy and it’s my favorite place to be.

Name: Eliana W.

Age: 12

Tribe: Benjamin

Camp Names

During camp this year I was thinking about what makes Camp Gilgal so unique. One of my thoughts was the camp names. For example Anonymous, Squid, Twister, Mochi and other creative titles. The staff choose their own names. Some of the names are chosen because of nick names they like, or if they just like the sound of it. Camp names are special so we are not told the staff’s real names. At first when you think about not knowing your counselors name the idea is weird, but when you go to camp it’s perfectly normal. Personally I love having camp names. When I become a counselor my name will probably be Eragon. To me camp names are one of the most creative aspects of camp. One of the counselor’s is named Sneezy. She chose her name because she has allergies, causing her to sneeze many times consecutively. Mochi’s names was inspired by the Japanese dessert and she liked the sound of it.

Name: Rachel H

Age: 12

Tribe: Benjamin

Shabbat Shalom!

One of my favorite parts of Camp Gilgal is Shabbat. Seeing everyone gather together in unity and peace gives me an overwhelming sense of happiness. With everyone in their best clothes all singing to the Lord, it feels as if, just for a second I can see a glimpse of what heaven will be like. This year, since we were the oldest female tribe, the tribe of Benjamin got to lead the blessing over the candles. It was truly magical, with the gleam of the candles reflected on everyone’s faces. The blessings for Shabbat are some of the most beautiful I have ever heard and I love to sing them. After we lit the candles, juice boxes and a piece of challah bread were passed around. The oldest male tribe, the tribe of Judah, led the blessings over the juice and Challah. Shabbat is a special time for me, because it has such a sense of community surrounding it. You really do feel like everyone at Camp Gilgal is your family. I am grateful to God for giving us a day for rest, and at Camp Gilgal Shabbat isn’t celebrated like any other holiday. They put their own special twist on regular traditions, to help us understand them better and to let us have a great time doing them. For instance, what other camp has the oldest male and female tribes do the blessings? Camp Gilgal’s the only one I know of. Camp Gilgal is a special place, where friendship and unity endure, especially when it’s Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom!

Name: Eliana A.

Age: 12

Tribe: Benjamin

Spiritual Community

Just from one week here at camp, I feel so much closer to God. This camp encourages uniqueness and openness, which is something most people don’t get to experience. All of the staff are SUPER nice and they’re always ready to help; whether it’s a stuck zipper or a prayer request. Camp Gilgal has the perfect balance of fun and rules. At campfire, we get to go crazy with the songs, but then we all calm down for the great campfire talks from the staff. We’ve heard from them about ministering to others, trusting God (because he always has your best interest), finding good community, how to pray, and learning that you don’t have to feel alone because God is always with you. We’ve heard all of these, and camp isn’t even over yet. Each morning, the campers gather together in the Mishkan to worship and praise God. There we hear from Redsox about God and how He works in miraculous ways. We always sing the Shema, but on Shabbat we sing most of the traditional Messianic liturgy. I always knew what the liturgy was but I never thought of it as me talking to God, just using what someone already said. When Strings said that something clicked, and now every time I sing liturgy, I actually feel involved. Every night after campfire of whatever else, each tribe goes to their cabin and does devotions. My tribe has been studying Psalms. A particularly interesting one was Psalm 51. Our ATL asked us why that Psalm was written, and we read that it was written right after David sinned with Bathsheba. We came to the conclusion that this Psalm can be used for any sin, not just David’s. Camp has God’s presence in all activities, not just these three I mentioned. Talking and praying with the staff isn’t just an option, it’s encouraged and welcomed. Jews for Jesus is really for Jesus, and this camp is undeniable proof.


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