More 2016 Gazette (Junior Zebulon)

Name: Meaghan S.

Age: 9

Tribe: Zebulon

My Fun at Camp: Hiking and Beyond

Hi! My name is Meaghan. I’m a new camper to camp. So far, it’s fun. My favorite activity is swimming because I really love doing tricks. For example, I’ll float on my back and on my stomach. I also like to do hand stands and spin underwater. There are important things to remember at camp. You have to drink lots of water because if you don’t you can get dehydrated and you won’t feel very good, the days are pretty hot and you need to keep drinking water because people need lots of water. Also if you get hurt at camp you have to leave activities early and then you miss the fun. I like hiking and exploring very much. One time, I got to go to a cool hangout place, and we called it “Kikiwaka.” I was rolling around a log and Ava was hitting trees with branches. People asked her, “What did the trees do to you?” Ava said, “The trees did nothing,” and it was really funny. Today I’m going to ride horses and swim, which I have liked since I was a baby. I like swimming because I like the feeling of cold water.  Everything at camp is awesome and I can’t wait to come back!

Name: Greenlee K.

Age: 10

Tribe: Zebulon

Interesting Interviews

Hi! My name is Greenlee and I am interviewing a counselor named Watson. She is the tribe leader of Zebulon, and her ATL is squid. Her favorite books of the Bible are Mark, Ruth, and Jonah. She liked the book of Ruth, because of Ruth’s good character.  She likes the book of Mark because of how it portrays Messiah. She likes the book of Jonah because of the story of God’s grace. The weirdest camp game that she has ever played was counselor hunt. It was weird because she played it as a camper but forgot about it, so when she was a counselor, it was surprising and strange. In school, Watson is studying Anthropology, the study of man, and linguistics, the study of structure if language. Watson thinks that being a counselor is more fun than being a camper because she knows what’s going on, and she gets to make camp exciting for new campers. She likes horseback riding and she once took lessons. Her favorite part about camp is that no one questions you if you’re Jewish and believe in Jesus. She has been a counselor for three summers and four winters. She wasn’t here last summer because she was on Massah. She liked the top bunk as a camper but now as a counselor she likes the bottom bunk better. She chose the name Watson because she likes the “Sherlock Holmes” novels and she liked the character Dr. John Watson especially. The novels are about a detective named Sherlock Holmes who studies behavior to solve mysteries and Watson helps him. The novels are enjoyable because they are interesting and many situations are unexpected, but when they are explained they make sense. I decided to ask Watson one crazy question, and Watson said she would rather wear mud on her bathing suit rather than candy on it. She chose mud because it was something she had already done it before in the Dead Sea! I hope you enjoyed my interview with Watson and I hope that you get to meet her.

Name: Halie Frazier

Age: 9

Tribe: Zebulon

All about Indy

I chose Indiana Jones to interview because he’s awesome and really funny. Indy chose his camp name because he likes archeology, which he is studying in college. Indi heard of camp through Halutzim. His favorite theme meal is ninja and pirates night where he was a ninja. Indy’s favorite thing to do at camp is to play basketball in the pool. His favorite food is pizza and his favorite color is red. He has three siblings and he is the oldest. His brother’s name is Alexie and he is nineteen. His sister’s names are Vika and Sveta and they are fifteen and eighteen. He has two dogs their names are Buzhensky and Vasile. Buzhensky is nine and Vasile is five. Indi’s favorite Bible verse is John 3:16 because it holds a special meaning for him when he chose to accept God. Indiana Jones often says the phrase, “Why you so dunkin?” When I asked him what it meant he said it’s a complement. I had a lot of fun interviewing Indiana Jones and I learned a lot about him. Before I didn’t know he had siblings and now I want to know when their birthdays are but that’s another question for another day.

Name: Michelle B.

Age: 10

Tribe: Zebulon

Rockin the Rockwall

Wazzup! I’m Michelle and I’m 10 years old. This is my first summer at Camp Gilgal East. For the first week of camp, for one of my activities, I did Rockwall (rock- climbing). On the first day I made it up both of the beginner and intermediate walls. However, I didn’t make it up the walls in as little time as I wanted. So I decided to set a goal. By the end of the week, I wanted to make it up the beginner wall in 1 minute or less and wanted to make it up the intermediate wall in 1 minute 30 seconds or less. Over the next few days when I would go up both walls for the 1st time that day I would get better and better. But the 2nd time I would go up the harder wall I would forget how I got up and would get stuck in the middle of the wall. Anonymous joked that it was like we had amnesia when we climbed the walls. And it was funny because we really would forget. Then came the last day of Rock-climbing. I was nervous… But I beat my high score and achieved my goals. I got up the beginner wall in 49 seconds and the Intermediate one in 50 seconds! It was amazing. So, the Rockwall is an AWESOME thing you should do if you come to camp. I was really proud of myself and felt amazing!



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