More 2016 Gazette! (Junior Camp Tribe of Asher)

Name: Matthew S.

Age: 10

Tribe: Asher

Archery in Camp

Hi my name is Matthew and in this article you will learn what you would learn in archery. Also you will learn the rules that you learn in archery. The correct position for shooting is when your feet are in baseball stance. Your left hand is holding the bow if you’re a righty (other way around if you’re a lefty). The colored feather facing the outside of the bow, and the bow string must be able to reach your jaw. When you fire after aiming. I want to tell you the rules so you can stay safe. The rules in archery are, don’t pick up your bow until the counselors tell you to. Do not get your arrows until everyone is done shooting, and don’t shoot until told to. I like archery because you get to shoot arrows, also you can keep doing it and keep getting better at it. I like shooting arrows because sometimes I hit the target and it feels awesome. This year I shot one bulls eye. I picked archery because I like to concentrate on things while having fun. Archery benefits hand eye coordination and I love that I get to do it at Camp Gilgal.

Name: Levi W.

Age: 9

Tribe: Asher

Tribe Flags

Hi, I’m Levi and I’m 9 years old and my favorite part of camp was making tribe flags. Our tribe name was Asher and our flag was awesome! One of the best parts of our flag was the cool tree. The other magnificent part was when we signed our names, Indiana Jones’ was the most amazing. The reason we make the flags is because every meal we line up with the flags. It helps the out of cabin staff & RedSox to know which tribe we are. We also bring our flag to the Mishkan where we pray and sing songs. If you steal another tribes flags, they have to do something silly to earn their flag back. One tribe made another tribe do the chicken dance. At first we wanted the blue colored flag so we fought for it, but we lost. But I am actually glad that we got the orange colored flag after all, so that was a good thing. Our flag had a tree in the middle and a sunrise behind the tree. Also, we all signed our names behind everything. The other cool part about Camp Gilgal is that the counselors get to help with making our own tribe flags. In conclusion making our tribe flag was awesome. It was a great start to an awesome first year at camp.

Name: Ezra L.

Age: 9

Tribe: Asher

Nukum and other games

Nukum is a game where there is a ball and a net and you throw the ball over the net. If the ball lands on the ground and you’re next to the ball you will be out. I love nukum because if you catch the ball with one hand and somebody is out you get that person back in. Once I caught the ball in the rain with one hand and I got a person back in. You should play nukum because it is fun and you can’t play nukum anywhere else. Another game I like is soccer. It is so fun too. Also I like to play capture the flag. I like to play capture the flag because you get to chase other opponents. I like soccer because I get to slide, , and catch the ball. Also you can use other balls in Nukum such as soccer balls, volleyballs, basketballs, kickball. Nukum is called that because you pretend to blow up the other players (at least that’s what I think). [Editor’s Note:It was actually named after a gym teacher at Sophie Newcomb College. ]

Name: Noah N

Age: 9

Tribe: Asher

I Love the Pool!

On Sunday we left home and it took two hours to get to Camp Gilgal. The first thing we did is have dinner. Later after dinner we took the swimming test. If you don’t know how to swim then you go to the shallow part of the pool. If you kinda know how to swim you go to the middle of the pool. If you know how to swim you go to the deep end of the pool. To make the pool safe the lifeguard sometimes says “buddy check” so you go to your buddy. Also there is a basketball hoop, sometimes they did boys vs. girls, and it was really really fun. My favorite thing to do in the pool is splash other people. Sometimes I swim away from getting splashed. The way I would make the pool better is by getting a diving board. Then we could jump really really high in the sky and then make a big splash that would be really awesome. The best day I had at the pool is the first day. It was so dramatic because I was so tired when I was treading water. That was my awesome and wonderful first day of camp. Another day at camp, still talking about the pool, was the second day of camp. We went swimming again and we did counselor vs. kids and that was my second day of camp. Basically, any day my favorite thing is being in the pool at camp!


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