Inaugural Alumni Excursion: Report from Sitruce

Hey Camp Gilgal, Sitruce here! 

I hope everyone is doing well and getting excited as the holidays are approaching quickly! About a week ago we had our first ever Camp Gilgal East Alumni event! It was the first weekend in Nov, and a little last minute but a HUGE success. There were 11 people in all that came. We met up in East Stroudsburg PA, which is very close to where adventure camp was this summer. We rented two really cute and cozy cabins for the night. Twister made some delicious butternut squash with tahini and pine nuts and we also had chicken and quinoa, so we feasted deliciously. By the time everyone arrived it was already pretty late so we spent some time together outside by a campfire just talking and catching up. 

When it got too cold we went inside and played The Game of Things, which is probably my favorite game ever. Its great because no matter who you play with it always ends up being hilarious and it’s a really funny way to get to know people better. For those of you who don’t know, the way the game of things works, it’s pretty simple. One person picks a card from a deck which has a random question on it. Everyone has to then write something answering that question. Then we go around in the circle trying to figure out who said what. It’s great!

 In the morning we had a delicious pancake breakfast and went off to go hiking. It was a beautiful, sunny, autumn day perfect for hiking. The walk up was pretty steep and took lots of energy but when we got to the top it was worth it. The view was of the Delaware Water Gap which is where we got off the water in adventure camp. It was awesome to see how different it looked in the summer and in the autumn when everything was so many colors. The hike down was a bit easier, but overall it was really fun!

 It was so great to see all these people I haven’t seen in so long and to catch up with everyone. And, great news! The event was such a success that we want to make it an annual thing. So if you missed this one there will probably be one next year that you can come too! If you want to be involved with planning our next one email!!!
Thanks guys, can’t wait to do it again!


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