Sitruce Thoughts: The end of the internship

Hey Camp Gilgal! Sadly this is my last time blogging as the Camp Gilgal 2016 intern. This internship has been so great and I’m so happy that I was given this opportunity to give back to Camp and be such a big part of Camp Gilgal this summer. I’ve learned to appreciate the hard work of RedSox, Strings, and Beardo a whole lot more over these past few months. I’m really thankful to RedSox for the time she took to mentor me in the Bible and teach me the ins and outs of Camp. Throughout these couple of months I’ve learned a lot about living alone, trusting God, and being Jewish. I really enjoyed living in the city, I took lots of beautiful walks and saw some very interesting people, but I also learned to appreciate my crazy house full of people more than ever before. I’m so thankful that I was able to spend this summer with Jews for Jesus and not as an H&M cashier, which was my original plan for the summer.

Being here enabled me to spend a lot more time in the Word which I had not been making time for the past year and it was something I really needed. I have been able to give my troubles to the Lord and trust that He will help me get through everything. Finally, being the intern allowed me to be part of some of the everyday Jews for Jesus things such as staff meeting and writing postcards. I’ve learned about how special it is to not only be Jewish but be a Jew for Jesus. We are a special people, set apart from everyone else to be used by God. The work of Jews for Jesus is really awesome and I’m glad my connection with JFJ doesn’t end this summer. Thanks to RedSox I’ll be continuing in the student program for JFJ this fall/winter! I’ll be living at the branch while going to school and helping out around the branch for a couple hours a week. I’m really excited about this opportunity and I’m excited to see what God has next in store for meIMG_1405.



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