Sitruce Thoughts: Adventure Camp

Hello Camp Gilgal family! This is Sitruce, again!

I am back at the NYC branch still getting used to using a real bathroom and sleeping in a real bed after adventure camp. Adventure camp was so awesome this summer! We went canoeing on the Delaware River! We spend the first night of camp, Sunday, in the city. We did a little exploring, packing, and pre adventure camp preparation. Monday morning we were off to the river. We picked up our canoes and were on the water pretty early Monday morning. It took some time getting used to paddling again and it was the first time for some people. Everyone did really well though, we all did a good job of staying together. The plan was to go about 10 miles the first day but by the time it was time to start looking for campsites to settle down, we couldn’t find any! The trees had overgrown and the signs for the campsites weren’t visible from the water. We ending up having to canoe 6 more miles to finally find a campsite. We did half the trip in one day! God provided us with enough daylight so we were able to find a campsite, thank you Jesus! We were all exhausted, we set up camp very quickly, had delicious chili, and went straight to bed. The next day we were still pretty tired so we decided to have a chill day and not canoe day. It was really fun to hang out and get to know everyone better! The next day we canoed about 6 miles, and the last day we canoed about 11. Thursday was our last canoe day and we stayed at a campsite near the river. This campsite had showers which were AMAZING! Overall the trip was a huge success, we saw three bald eagles, a couple of very big hawks, and a number of other colorful big birds/ animals. This canoe trip was extra special because we didn’t have go to the bathroom in the woods a single time! We studied 1 Peter throughout our trip which I found very interesting and very encouraging. This adventure camp was my last time being a camper and I’m so thankful that I was able to be part of it because it was just so much fun!


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