TAWG Guide for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Here are the TAWG guides for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

Monday, August 1st
Text: Colossians 3:12-17

What’s the big idea?
v. 12-15 Have you ever seen an amazing act of
forgiveness, either to yourself or to someone else?
What happened?

Is there someone who always gets on your nerves?
Often when we pray for the person that drives us crazy,
the annoyance turns into love and we begin to see them
from God’s eyes.

Why should believers live in peace with each other?
If you have a conflict with someone, how should you
handle it? Look at Matthew 18:15-17

v. 16 This verse talks about glorifying God in everything
we do. How can we glorify God in doing mundane
things, like doing homework, chores, and going to

Chewing gum thought: God chose you. Because He
chose you, He asks that we love one another and
forgive each.

Tuesday, August 2nd
Text: Colossians 3:18-4:1
What’s the big idea?

v. 18-21 Parents often quote verse 20 to younger (and older) children, but they often forget verse 21. There is almost always a struggle between parents and children, but God calls children to honor their parents. As a teen, how can you honor your parent even when you think your parents are being unfair?

v. 22-25 God calls us to be obedient to those in authority over us, and to go above and beyond what they ask. Why? Who are people in authority over you?
Is there anyone you are in authority over? How can you treat them with respect?

Chewing gum thought: God is a God of justice and cares for everyone. He wants all to be treated fairly and with respect, whether they are a child, parent, slave, or master.

Wednesday, August 3rd
Text: Colossians 4:2-6
What’s the big idea?

Prayer is very important, but sometimes it is hard. What is prayer? How can we learn how to pray? What do you pray when you can’t find words?

There’s an acronym that people use to help them pray-ACTS.
A-adoration. Who is God? What are aspects of God’s character?
C-confession. Confession isn’t something that is done on special occasions or when we’ve really messed up, but should be done daily. Don’t hold on to your guilt, give it to God.
T-Thanksgiving. Thank God for all He has done.
S-supplication- Tell God your needs and wants. God cares and wants to know. Who are people that you can be praying for? Pray for you family, the people in your cabin, and friends


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