Friday, Saturday, Sunday TAWG Guide

Hey friends! Here is the TAWG guide for today and for the weekend. If you’ve lost your copy, shoot us an email and we’ll get you a copy.Thanks! See you on skype at 2pm!

Friday, July 29th

Text: Colossians 2:6-23, Psalm 1

What do roots do? How is your spiritual life like roots? What does it mean to be rooted in the Messiah?

What are some ideas and philosophies that you know aren’t true, but most people around you believe them? How do you stay firmly rooted in Messiah?

In verses 16-23, Paul talks about the law. The law is originally from God through Moses, but then it has been added on to.  Paul explains that it’s when people make the emphasis on the details of law and make the actions of the law the main focus, they are disconnecting themselves from the true purpose of these laws.

What are some things that you’ve been told that Christians are supposed to do? Have you ever found yourself (or others) paying more attention to those things than on Jesus? What is a way that you can refocus your attention to Jesus?

Chewing gum thought: When the roots of your faith are deep, you are less likely to get washed away by wrong world views and group thought

Saturday, July 30th

Text: Colossians 3:1-4

What’s the big idea?

What does Paul mean by raised with Messiah?

What do you think Paul means by setting your minds on things above? What is the difference between things above and earthly things?

What is one way you can train your mind today to shift your brain to focus on God?

How does focusing on God, and not on our earthly surroundings, bring us hope?

Chewing gum thought: We have been given hope. We are not the same anymore, we have been raised with Messiah.

Sunday, July 31

One week post-camp check-up!

Ask yourself: Do I feel closer or farther away from God than at Camp? How do I want to feel?

Text: Colossians 3:5-11

What’s the big idea?

Paul’s list of things to avoid seems lengthy and intimidating. Why are these things to avoid?

Are there some sins that are worse than others?

What do you think it means to have an ‘old nature’ and a ‘new nature’?

How do you think that God wants you to transform?

Have you ever felt that some people are more important to God than others?

Chewing gum thought: God has redeemed you, and you are in the process of transformation. We are all God’s children and equally precious to Him.




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