TAWG guide for Wednesday and Thursday

Did you lose your TAWG guide? Let us know and we can email a copy to you! In the meantime, Here are Wednesday and Thursday’s guide.

Wednesday,  July 27th
Text: Colossians 1:15-23
What’s the big idea?
v. 15-16 People say that Jesus was a lot of different things. What are some things that you’ve heard He is? Who do you think He is?
What does it mean that Jesus is the image of the invisible God?
v. 18 The church is not just a building, but the community of believers in Jesus around the world. What does it mean that Messiah is the head of the church? What is reconciliation?
Read Genesis 3. This passage is known as the Fall. Why is humanity separated from God? What are Paul’s instructions in Verse 23? What are some times in your life that you’ve held firmly to your faith or seen others hold firmly to their faith?
Chewing gum thought: Since the Fall (in Genesis 3), humanity has been separated from God. But there is hope. Because of the Messiah, we can now be reunited and reconciled with God.


Thursday, July 28th
Text: Colossians 1:24-2:5
What is the big idea?

v. 24-27 Have you ever had really big news that you were supposed to keep a secret for a short (or long) time, and then were able to share it? What is the secret that Paul is talking about?
What does it mean that Messiah lives in you?
v. 28-30 Why does Paul feel so passionate about sharing about Jesus? How do you feel about sharing your faith? Are there people you know that make you feel uncomfortable when they share their beliefs (whether Christian or not)? Why?

Chewing gum thought: The news of one God, what to do, and hope had been only available to the Jewish people, but through Jesus, is now for all.


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