Teen Camp Day 2

When we finished out our day yesterday I had to remind myself that it had barely been 24 hours since the campers had all arrived. Teen Camp is always this weird thing for me, it just all happens too quickly!

The campers have been asking really good questions in their Bible topics and our time in Tabernacle has been really encouraging to me. We’re looking at the life of Paul and at transformation in the midst of the faith communities he established and supports. Last night we were looking at Paul’s relationship with the Philippians and that in the midst of being unbelievably grateful for them and proud of them, he also still longs for them to be continually transformed by Yeshua. I’m not a parent, so I can’t speak to this from that standpoint–but I have been camp staff for 12 years. Long enough to see my first cabin of 8 year old campers become staff and they are half-way through college. For them and for so many of the campers that have come through camp, I am so grateful for them and for the people they have become. But, I don’t want them to be satisfied with the growth that has already occurred, I want to see them (and see myself) continue to pursue Yeshua and grow up in him.

In Tabernacle I gave the campers an opportunity to share with sticky notes on a board things they were grateful for and things they wanted to see God transform. They were thankful for their parents, for their camp family, for their tribe, but they were also thankful to know that God loves them, and thankful for injuries that had made them stronger, and for moves to better schools. They want to see God transform them and give them a greater desire to know him, to transform their guilt and shame, to give them a greater ability to respect others and themselves. They want transformation in the area of pride, jealousy, judgement, faith, and courage. Please pray with us that we would be people who are willing to be changed and that we would see God change us!

Last night we also played a camp favorite called Scream-o. It has been my favorite since I was a camper and is always a highlight of camp for me. It is basically like team high speed yahtzee and is hyper competitive and often gets rather loud. The weather was so nice last night after a brief thunderstorm that we were able to play outside. AWESOME!

We had a discussion around the campfire last night led by Strings, Beardo, and Sitruce about what it means for us personally that we are people who are made in the image of God and ways that we can allow our thinking and our perceptions of ourselves to be set by God and not our friends or our enemies, or ourselves.

Tomorrow we’ll leave camp after lunch to go on our overnight field trip. We’ll be camping out overnight and then going white water rafting first thing on Thursday morning. We have been rafting with Wild Waters since before I was a camper and they are FANTASTIC! Many of the guides are high school teachers during the year and do an awesome job connecting with our kids and empowering them for their day on the water.

I’ll have more photos to share hopefully later today, but will be posting them periodically over on instagram and on facebook as well. This is a great year at camp and I’m so glad that we’re getting to enjoy it with this specific group of teens!



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