Teen Camp Day 1

Hi Camp Gilgal Parents!

We are having a very hot first day of teen camp and the teens are all in their first round of activities right now. Everyone has 1 Bible topic of their choice each day and two other activities as well. Their choices for first activity were “Is the Bible True?” Artsy Fun, Pioneering (finding food in the woods), and Basketball. For second activity we’ve got “what’s so special about Yeshua?” Running, and Table Games. For third activity we’ve got “how do sin and forgiveness work?” Boatin’, and Beard Theory.

The campers all seem to be settling in really well. This is the biggest teen camp we’ve had in a few years and the most evenly split age/gender wise that I remember in a long time. We’ve got 6 first time campers and probably half of camp (or more) this is their first time at teen camp.

Last night we had our first tabernacle lesson around the campfire. We’re looking at how the gospel has the power to transform our lives this week and we’re looking at the life of Paul and the lives of the faith communities he helped to establish. Please pray along with us that this would be a week of transformation, for the campers as well as the staff.

Thank you so much for loaning us your teens, they’re awesome!



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