Junior camp wrap up #1

Hi Camp Gilgal family,

I am sitting in a freezing Starbucks taking advantage of real wifi and working to shift the massive amounts of photos and videos from my computer to the cloud so I have space for teen camp documentation. Stay tuned for the photos on flickr! coming in August.

I can hardly believe that Junior Camp is over. God blessed us with the best weather and the smoothest session of camp I can remember in my 14 years at camp. I saw campers learn to trust God, learn to entrust themselves to community, and fine a place of acceptance and home. Over and over again at our testimony campfire I heard campers say that at school they’re the “weird” kid, but at camp they are just a kid. It is such a blessing to me to see that click and happen for campers because that was my story. Camp was the first place that I felt accepted and that I belonged. At camp I had friends who didn’t ask me to explain to them again how I could be Jewish and believe in Jesus.

I saw amazing growth in campers and staff over the last two weeks, especially in our oldest mens and ladies cabins. It is incredible how much these young people have changed since coming as 8 year olds and now leaving as 12 year olds. I hope that you’re seeing your campers come home changed–we saw it at camp.

Please keep praying for the Junior campers and for the staff, that our eyes and ears would continue to be open to Yeshua and that we would be looking to grow in him at home.

More recap and photos to come. Thank you so much for sharing your Junior Campers with us, we wanted to keep them but are glad they’re getting to sleep in their own beds tonight.

Blessings and Shabbat Shalom,



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