Getting Ready

Hi Camp Gilgal Family,

It’s RedSox here and in one week we’ll be done with our first dinner together, camper orientation, and settling in to our first night’s activities. Your cabin groups will have picked tribe names and you’ll be working to get to know your tribe’s campers and staff.

I don’t now about you…but I CAN’T WAIT!

At staff training every year we tell the staff that a day at camp is like two weeks anywhere else. There is a very weird and awesome time warp that happens at camp that means that by the time we’re having our second dinner together we’ll feel like all of these new people we just met have been our friends forever!

Tomorrow Strings and Sitruce leave for camp and will do some preparation to get things ready for the rest of the staff to come on Wednesday. Beardo, Scooter, Anonymous, Watson, Squid, Mochi, Pixel, Indiana Jones, Shark Bait, and a few others and I will be at camp starting Wednesday. Sneezy will join us Thursday after she graduates from High School (Mazel Tov Sneezy!) and Jalapeno, Gato, and one more to be named arrive on Saturday.

This is my favorite time of year. The waiting, the getting ready and excited with the staff, and then most of all…when THE CAMPERS ARRIVE!

We’ll be posting at least once a day here, on facebook, and on instagram. Keep in touch with us! Pray for us! Send your campers and staff mail. We love to hear from you, and we can’t wait to share with you all that God is doing in and through Camp Gilgal 2016!!!

Mailing Address:

Camp Gilgal East


621 Pinnacle Rd

Voorheesville, NY 12186


See ya soon!



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