Camp Gilgal Gazette

It’s Gilgal Gazette Wednesday–but as of last week we’ve posted all of the articles from Summer 2015–amazing! You can check out more vintage gazette here. Once upon a time (when RedSox was a camper) the Gilgal Gazette was a physical newspaper that included the entire Gazette from the East Coast, Midwest, and the West Coast that got mailed to your house sometime between the start of school and Winter Break. Then, in 2008 the Gazette made a shift to an online edition. That was great because it meant that you could see photos and send the link to your friends and families to tell them about your awesome time at camp.

On our East Coast blog we’ve been posting weekly installments of the Gilgal Gazette, but we haven’t seen the Midwest or West’s yet this year.

So, I want to know if you have any ideas for how we can better share the Gilgal Gazette with all of you. Do you miss the physical copy? Do you like seeing it in chunks? Would it be better if there were videos of dramatic readings of articles? Camp is full of story worthy moments, so how do you want to see/hear/share the stories?


Thanks Camp Gilgal Family!



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