Gilgal Gazette Weekly Edition

The whole Gilgal Gazette (East, Midwest, and West) will be live online later this fall, but we’ll be sharing pieces from the Camp Gilgal East Gazette here each week. The Gilgal Gazette is a newspaper written by Camp Gilgal campers, for Camp Gilgal campers. We hope that you enjoy it!

Table Cleaning Contest with Judah

Penina S., Age 13, Tribe of Joseph (Junior Camp)

At Camp Gilgal we have a tradition. The first tribe to finish a meal has the right to bang on the tables. So, it was nearing the end of dinner. Both of our tribes (Joseph and Judah) were almost done with our meals. It was hot dogs and hamburgers. Judah is about to bang the table because they are done. Just then, Noah walks in the room with a burger. He’s part of the tribe of Judah. Everyone cracked up. It was really funny. In the end we (Judah) won. At Camp Gilgal, we have lots of funny moments like this; it’s great!


Netanya W., Age 11, Tribe of Ephraim (Junior Camp)

In Camp Gilgal there is a lot of teamwork! Teamwork is used in a lot of things like going to the party at the end of camp! And also we use teamwork in camp activities such as Capture the Degel (that’s a game) and we have teams and we have to work together to get the degel (flag) and also other fun games like that! I love Camp Gilgal! It’s really fun! You might be sad leaving home for two weeks but Camp Gilgal is just like a home. Everyone here is so nice and when it’s time to go home you’ll be sad leaving because it’s like you’re leaving your Camp Gilgal family. I love it here!


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