Gilgal Gazette Weekly Edition

The whole Gilgal Gazette (East, Midwest, and West) will be live online later this fall, but we’ll be sharing pieces from the Camp Gilgal East Gazette here each week. The Gilgal Gazette is a newspaper written by Camp Gilgal campers, for Camp Gilgal campers. We hope that you enjoy it!

Interviewing Squid

Sydney F., Age 12, Tribe of Joseph (Junior Camp)

A few days ago I interviewed the Amazing Squid! Spiritually, she prays for family, friends, campers, and just about everything constantly. Also, Squid reads the Bible mostly every day when she gets the chance. Squid’s favorite books in the bible are Psalms, Jeremiah, Esther, Ephesians, and Philippians. In fact, She’s always been a believer in Jesus Christ because she grew up attending church.

A question that I asked Squid was, “Do you want a boyfriend?” Her response was, “When I’m older and when God’s timing is right for me.” Another interesting fact about her is that her favorite number is seven because it’s written in the Bible many times. Did you know that her favorite color is pink and she loves all the food at Camp Gilgal? Also Squid was born on December 23rd.

On a camp related note, I asked her why she wanted to be an assistant tribe leader, also known as an ATL. In response, she always wanted to since she was little, because she knew it would be super fun. Then I asked her why it would be super fun and she said, “You get to know everything the campers don’t know.” She also said because you get to keep secrets from the campers. You also get to stay up later, and you have more freedom. The final question I asked Squid was, “did you like having me here at camp?” and she said, “Yes! Of course!”

That was my interview of Squid – an ATL at Camp Gilgal.

Jumping Jacks Contest

Hannah K., Age 12 Tribe of Joseph (Junior Camp)

After Tabernacle, we decided to do a jumping jacks contest because we all wanted to move around. So we all went to the back of the room and we started to do jumping jacks. At first, it was really easy but then it got much harder. After about 10 minutes, Ephraim and I were the only ones left jumping. A lot of people were cheering me on which made me really happy. After Red Sox blew the whistle for us to stop jumping. My legs were burning! But then I ate a banana and it really helped my legs. I got first choice of what I wanted to write about in the Gilgal Gazette, so I chose to write this article! I really love Camp Gilgal and all the silly things we do!


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