Gilgal Girls Get-together Recap

Last weekend we hosted our annual Gilgal Girl’s Get-together in NYC. (We’d love to have something for the fellas, please leave suggestions below!) We gathered for shabbat dinner (make your own pizzas and fondue), a devotion, craft, brunch at Twister’s, and an outing to Brooklyn Bridge Park for the “please touch the art” exhibit. 18 of our Gilgals gathered and It. Was. Awesome.

It is always so great to be together and if these photos are any indication fun was had by all! We talked about the parsha (Chayei Sarah) and the importance of prayer–not just talking to God and asking him for stuff, but waiting on Him to respond.

We can’t wait for the next one and are so pumped for WWW (February 6-8, 2016).

GGG GGG7 image1 (003) image1 image3


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