Gilgal Gazette Weekly Edition

The whole Gilgal Gazette (East, Midwest, and West) will be live online later this fall, but we’ll be sharing pieces from the Camp Gilgal East Gazette here each week. The Gilgal Gazette is a newspaper written by Camp Gilgal campers, for Camp Gilgal campers. We hope that you enjoy it!

Capture the Degel

Alana F., Age 11, Tribe of Ephraim (Junior Camp)

Hi! I’m Alana and my favorite activity is Capture the Degel! (Degel is Hebrew for flag) We played in a big field when it was getting dark. It is crazy and fun all at the same time! The best time to play is a little after 8. The best way to win is while the other team is hiding their flag, and you’re not doing anything, spy on them. Once you know where everything is, and the game has started, you need two people; one to distract the other team and one to get the flag. I really liked Capture the Degel, and I hope it sounds fun to you. I can’t wait to play next year!


Mariya A., Age 14, Tribe of Ephraim (Teen Camp)

Excitement, frustration, enjoyment, terror, and elation! These are the feelings I get when I play Nukem. It’s just so awesome!!! If you like to move around and catch a ball, Nukem is for you! You get to see the members of the other team (as well as your own team) get out. In order to get back in the game, one of your team members has to catch the ball with one hand and it can’t touch their body. Before I go on, the way you get out of the game is by not catching the ball when you are the closest to it. This happens to me a lot when I play nukem at camp. When I get out of the game, I get so frustrated but then I get excited at the same time because I know that people in my team will catch the ball one handed and I will be able to go in. My favorite part of Nukem is throwing and catching the ball. This is because I have this jumping technique that I do due to my height. It’s so fun throwing the ball in a certain way so that the members of the other team can’t catch it. I enjoy the looks of pained frustration on their faces as they slowly realize they’re out of the game. Nukem is a truly campy experience that I have to wait all year to enjoy. This is why Camp is really AWESOME!


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