Gilgal Gazette Weekly Edition

The whole Gilgal Gazette (East, Midwest, and West) will be live online later this fall, but we’ll be sharing pieces from the Camp Gilgal East Gazette here each week. The Gilgal Gazette is a newspaper written by Camp Gilgal campers, for Camp Gilgal campers. We hope that you enjoy it!

Campout Night with the Tribe of Joseph

 Storm, Sneezy, Hannah, Sydney, Hannah, Sydney, Penina, Kaelee, Tribe of Joseph (Junior Camp)

It was a beautiful day when our tribe found out that it was campout night! We were so excited to see our campsite. We prayed that our site would not be uncomfortable to sleep on – thankfully it wasn’t. We walked to our campsite which took about 15 minutes. When we arrived, we found that where we were was dangerous (we were right next to a pond) and we were surrounded by suspicious plants (Penina was convinced it was poison ivy). We were all frustrated and upset so we took a break for dinner. After dinner, we moved all our stuff to a new campsite which took 2 trips! It was ok though because we were together and we sang worship songs the whole time! When we got to our tent we were exhausted, but happy. We prayed and talked for a little bit, but then we fell fast asleep and slept so well! We learned so much about God’s love, protection and patience on campout night. We also learned that Sneezy is a very violent sleeper when she sleeps in a tent!

Low Ropes Course

Alex J., Age 14, Tribe of Simeon (Teen Camp)

This year at Camp Gilgal East my tribe/group and I did a low ropes course involving high levels of intense team building and strategy as well as trust. Personally, I have a fear of falling and at the ropes course I had the opportunity to do a trust fall. And after a while, I just did it. I believed in my friends and they caught me. But getting more on a spiritual note I learned a lot through this amazing experience. Trusting not only in my friends but in God. On the walk to the site I saw beautiful trees. I took in every breath and knew that God was with me. Therefore, when these experiences arise I have to trust in God and give it all to him like everything else. Another obstacle we did was all of our tribe stood on a log all in order. Then we needed to get everyone to switch sides, and every time someone fell off we had to start over. The last major obstacle we did was a tight rope. Me and another tribe member had to achieve getting to the other side. If you were a spotter you had to be behind the people on the rope and cup your hands and when you’re the person that has to go across you have to evenly push against your partner 50/50 to achieve getting to the other side and all in all you should send your child to camp.


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