Gilgal Gazette Monday


Naomi W., Age: 12

Tribe of Zebulun

Rockwall at Camp Gilgal is so much fun. It’s in the gymnasium so there’s lots of awesome activities to do like basketball, soccer, volleyball, nukem and more but that’s if you have a basketball, soccer ball, or volleyball. The rockwall is split into 3 parts, the easy, the medium and the hard. The easy wall is easy because it has a lot of rocks to grab. The middle level wall is actually higher than the first and has less rocks. The hard wall has the least number of handholds out of all of them. I’ve climbed the different rockwalls and they are so much fun and my favorite is the hardest one. Rockwall shows how strong and smart you are. So, if you’re like me and you love climbing things then come to rockwall at Camp Gilgal.

How To Be a Superhero

Liora S., Age: 14

Tribe of Asher

Have you ever wished for the power to turn back time, fly or shoot flaming Ramen out of your hands? Well then, this is a perfect opportunity to let your inner dark side or your affinity for justice shine. Grab your costumes, create a back story, and grapple with an opponent on the opposing side. It’s a nerdy, fun activity called “How to be a Superhero,” led by Strider and Longshanks.

Battles between good and evil were held on a tarp by the foursquare court. Among the power chosen by participants include: flying, turn back time, mind control, negating positive powers, blasting baby metal at opponents, sending swarms of mosquitos at enemies, shooting flaming Ramen, and many more.

Using creative play based on fictional characters created by campers is a great way to relax, have fun and exercise your creativity. My superpower was the ability to shoot flaming Ramen at my opponents and burn their skin off. Participating in this activity was a fun way to spend our last full day of camp and I really enjoyed it.