Gilgal Gazette Monday

This is the last Gilgal Gazette Monday until the fall. Next week Junior Camp will be in session and we will have updates in semi-real time and then 2015 articles will begin posting in the fall.

Strider’s First Jewish Experience

Hannah M., Age 14

Tribe of Judah

Not everyone who comes to Camp Gilgal is Jewish. Strider is a Gentile counselor at Camp Gilgal East. I decided to interview him about what it is like to be in such a strong Jewish community. I asked him what the hardest part in being in a Jewish community was and he answered that it was the culture shock. Not knowing much Hebrew and also not knowing some of the Jewish traditions like keeping Shabbat. Also I asked him what was the most important thing he learned from the campers. He replied that it was the open-mindedness. Being able to ask questions about the Scripture that he has never thought about asking before. The last question I asked him was how has coming to Camp Gilgal affected his faith. He told me that being able to come into an environment where he had nothing but God to think about made his faith become stronger. He was able to meditate and think about the Scripture without being distracted by the stress from this world. Having activities and being able to read your Bible removes all those distractions. Camp Gilgal was a great way to learn to grow and trust God.

Talking to Strider made me realize that coming to Camp Gilgal is good for everyone not just those with a strong Jewish background.


Daniel C., Age 14

Tribe of Dan

From the intense firefights to the long-range stand-offs, paintball was a great way to build friendships, strengthen communication skills and just flat out have an unbeatable time. Located across the road leading up to camp, the wooded course was very ideal for everything from team death match, to Blackhawk down. Besides the range in game types the course had adequate cover. Paintball is also a great way to relieve unwanted stress; through the joy one receives when they are gunning down their opponent. All in all, I would consider this time well spent!

Even though paintball seems extremely intense it is suitable for most people who are just looking to have a great time.

Although I was very unnerved during my first round, I very quickly overcame it and was able to enjoy my time to the fullest. When I look back on that day I am so happy I took part in this fun and adventurous activity. Through the pre-game attack strategy, we had great teambuilding discussion and during the game, there was vital communication while moving to cover, so that I wouldn’t be caught in the cross-fire.


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