Dear First Time Camper

It’s that time again, time to read a letter lovingly written from staff to new camper. Today its RedSox’s turn! She has been helping direct camp for the past 7 years, but this year marks her first season as official Director Numero Uno and we are SO EXCITED for that! She has been part of the Camp Gilgal family since 2002 and has only missed 1 year of camp – to go on massah (a Jews For Jesus trip to Israel and India). At the old location we had for teen camp, her favorite activity was stargazing – maybe we should bring that back it sounds fantastic! She also really likes one meal that we have here at camp in particular – the goldfish mac and cheese. You have this and so much more to look forward to this year with us. As always, if you’re interested in Camp Gilgal (or you know someone who is) make sure to check out! Now lets see what she has to say to you new campers out there! 

Dear First Time Camp Gilgal Camper,

I wanted to write to welcome you to the Camp Gilgal family! I hope that you are getting excited for the summer and wanted to tell you a few things to help you get ready. At Camp Gilgal, all of the staff use crazy camp names (mine is RedSox!) and the alarm clock for camp is a shofar. We will take a field trip and have dress-up theme meals…but we keep the exact details a surprise for extra fun! There are a few things that you might forget to pack that will make your time at camp easier: water bottle, an extra pair of shoes, 2 towels, and shoes for the shower…and don’t forget your Bible!

            You’ll be in a tribe with other kids in your age group and together you’ll earn points to get a party at the end of camp. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you in person—I think you’re going to love it!

                        See you soon,


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