Dear First Time Camper

Next on the roster for our DFTC posts is the one and only (drum roll please) Scooter! He’s been part of the Camp Gilgal family since 2009 at Teen Camp, and has been with us ever since. He will be here this summer, too! He’s a pretty cool guy, and you can pick him out of a crowd by the many different colored bandanas he likes to wear. Another thing about him is that he’s basically the official camp photographer, so stay on his good side or he might not delete those embarrassing pictures he might catch of you. He plays cajon on the camp worship team, and can lay down a sick beat. Scooter also really loves working with the kids here at camp, and here are some things he wants to say to anyone who plans on coming for the first time:


Hey There Camper,

It’s great to hear that you’ll be joining us for camp this summer. It’s always exciting to know that someone new will get to share experiences and make new memories with us. People might just tell you that camp is fun, but it’s so much more than that! Camp has always been a place where anyone can feel comfortable and safe enough to try new things you would never get the chance to try any other time of the year. Honestly, with my first year at camp, I didn’t know what to expect. If you’re feeling the same way, good! Camp is all about expecting the unexpected. Remember, everyone has and has had a first year at camp, and if you ask anyone at camp, they’ll give you plenty of reasons why they always want to come back.

            As someone who has been to camp a few times, I wanted to close with giving you some advice I wish I had known my first year: you’ll be getting or might have already gotten a list of things to bring to camp. Double, or even triple check that you have EVERYTHING you need. And for me, “optional” usually means “recommended.”

            With all these things in mind, I hope you build up all the excitement that I already have for you and everyone you’ll be able to meet.






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