Gilgal Gazette Monday

Tribe Bible Study

Daniel V., Age 14

Tribe of Levi

As the days of camp go by, and the activities are being chosen, Bible study is always going to be one of the options. It’s actually quite fun, the different Bible study activities, even though there are usually just a few other campers. You get to talk to the staff about your life of believing in God and how you might want to change the relationship. Everyday, the activities for Bible study always change and it’s not the same.

You can talk about: how to understand/read your Bible, building a prayer life, sharing your faith, sharing your testimony, dealing with doubt, serving God. It’s really easy to get comfortable with the staff. Even when you’re not in the activity, you can talk to anyone when you’re free or during another activities. One time, I went to “serving God” and were talking about how we want to change our ways with God, our previous lives with him, and how we can make him more central in our future, and show and talk to others about him. As we were talking, we cam up with an idea how we can improve our relationship with him and spread the gospel. My ways were to pray, read the Bible and do projects to help others. I hope I keep growing in faith after camp.


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